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Bubble Farm Rose Cinnamon Lip Scrub | Price, Review & Buy Online

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
My love for natural skincare is immense! Words like “organic” and “chemical free” have always tempted me more, than mere attractive packaging. I was hovering over Instagram few weeks back and I encountered this brand Bubble Farm which had a variety of products in their kitty. Because I’ve reviewed a lot of facial masks on my blog, I decided to pick their lip scrub. Now, I’ve been hunting for a good lip scrub since some time. Of course there are a lot of easy DIY lip scrub ideas that are going around the Internet. But then I guess I’m too lazy for investing time in DIY recipes. 

The easiest way to scrub away the dead skin from lips is to use a towel and gently scrub it onto your lips immediately after a bath. You can also use tooth brush which you don’t wanna use anymore and scrub using its bristles gently over damp lips. The genuine kitchen recipe for creating a homemade lip scrub is to mix some sugar and add some ghee or Coconut Oil into it…

Skincare Villa Green Tea & Mint Cleanser – Review & Buy Online

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
So yesterday, I went on an engagement of one of my cousin. And tomorrow it’s going to be a hectic day because it’s her wedding. For some reason, I prefer to get dressed for such occasions at my place itself rather than at the bride’s house. Because bride’s houses are usually so chaotic that you can definitely not get ready with 10 people wandering around you and looking at your makeup items. Honestly, I prefer not-so-crowded places.
Anyways, with that one day in between for rest, I decided to sit down and write some blog posts. I also crave for clicking some product pictures but my work goes smoothly when I have content curated beforehand. Or else, I’d end up taking three batches of picture and still crib upon if they look good or not!

Some time back I did a post on Skincare Villa’s Coffee Mud Mask and today I shall unravel my views of their Green Tea & Mint Cleanser. Now, I’ve used their products before and different cleansers as well.…

What’s in My December 2017 Fab Bag | Unboxing + Coupon Code

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
It’s been a while since I’ve placed an order for my Fab Bag. Even though I love experimenting and trying different subscription boxes; there’s no denying that Fab Bag offers some innovative makeup items in their subscription box. Every month, Fab Bag usually brings a newly launched makeup item, especially from Sugar Cosmetics which hands down has some superb collection that I would want to hoard them consistently in my vanity.

In fact, some of the good quality makeup items which I received in my college age were resourced by Fab Bag itself. I might not be appealed by the skincare items a lot because majority of them are from new budding brands which most of the time has no internet presence. Also, receiving small samples has also been one of the turn downs for me with Fab Bag. But for makeup, nope; I have zero regrets! 😃 I’ve still got the Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon, Be A Bombshell Lip Stain & Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy O…

Introducing InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Pitchers | Easy Infused Water Recipes

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
There’s nothing revolutionary if I’d suggest - drink lots of water and liquids each day to sustain a healthy body and life. For that matter, I have to remind this to myself each day because a lot of the people in my family wake up with a fill of glass full of water. But I feel nauseated; a lot of the times I wake up hungry and water over empty stomach is just not my thing. 
There have been scientific evidences that water helps in flushing away the toxins of our body and for circulation of body temperature. Also, it is a good source of keeping the skin hydrated internally. With so many benefits of water that we already know, having water frequently in a day is the last thing that would preoccupy our mind. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many Instagram posts on Infused Water that I felt the need to try some it myself. Initially, my reaction was like “Why waste fruits and veggies by adding it into the water? Instead eat them because a lot of the fruit…