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Dreams of reaching the Zenith, Background pulling deep within the pit of darkness. A man striving and crawling each moment, Losing his hopes at every descent. Wounded his  heart, bleeding his injuries
Surrounded for eternity he is with endless worries.

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Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipstick in "Hot Chili"

Hey guys! How have you been?

Today I shall be reviewing the newly launched Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lip color. Firstly, there are two variants of the Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks, one of them isn’t matte and they retail for Rs 299; the matte ones are for Rs 325.

Matte lipsticks are so raved about these days but generally they tend to dry out the lips. Fortunately, Maybelline’s Matte lipstick is creamy enough to glide smoothly on your lips and it sets into soft matte finish. It comes in 12 colors. The shade I picked up is “Hot Chili”; it is a pinkish red which suits all skin tones. With one swipe it comes out to be pinkish red which I loved, but on layering it comes out to be a nice red lip color. They last you for more than 4 hours and it begins to fade away when you take meals, but doesn’t get completely removed. It does leave behind slight tint and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. At this rate, it is a good buy!

The packaging is also quite decent and not flimsy at all.


Lotus Color Kick Kajal

Hey guys! What’s up?

Lately, a lot of lip colors have been reviewed, unfortunately there’s one more left which shall be uploaded soon and you would definitely like it! So to break the monotony of lip colors, I am uploading this blog post first on Lotus Color Kick Kajal.

There are millions of roll on kajals out there in market, so you’d ask me why this one among others have been reviewed. Well to be honest, Colossal Kajal didn’t match upto my liking, so I skipped on that. I wasn’t impressed with the intensity of Lakme Eyeconic as well. This is why it took me awhile to decide whether I wanna get disappointed again by investing on Lotus Kajal, or shall I simply forget that it got launched.

Fortunately, my close friend one day was applying this kajal in front of me in college washroom, and that’s when I realized that I was missing out on one of the good intensity kajals. Not to my astonishment, I got it that evening itself. 

First of all, it has great pigmentation and color intensity, which is…

7 Heaven Photogenic Chubby Lip Cryon in "Apricot"

         (Shade no.- 525, Apricot)

(Caution- This image is meant only to show the detailing on the product. Details of the product got worn off due to passage of time that is why the initial two images have been taken from the earlier blog-post.)

I’ve done a review on this product long back ago. But this crayon was liked so much by my sister that she kept it for herself and I bought a shade which I intended to buy in the first place but stopped on my friend’s suggestion. Anyways, the shade that I shall be reviewing today is a type of color I love wearing on my lips.

I would have attached the initial pictures of this crayon but since it was bought a little while ago, the detailing on the product have worn off. Initially I wasn’t even intending to do a review barely for different shade, but I’ve noticed that this blog post is really popular, so I thought why not to review this shade as well. 

This lip crayon can be bought at INR 150 to 200/- depending upon where you buy it from and I’ve see…

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in "Hearts & Tarts"

Hey Guys!! It’s been a while. Can’t help it, my exams are going on and would end next week. There are a lot of cosmetics that I have accumulated at the time of my sister’s wedding but got no time to review them. Hopefully a lot of exciting reviews would be coming up soon! ;)

I was looking online for a lipstick that would suit with traditional Indian clothing, encountered this lipstick, searched for its review and ordered it from Jabong. I was quite excited to receive this product, but somehow felt little disappointed when I opened the packaging. On internet, it seemed like a different shade and what I received was slightly darker for my taste. After I got over my initial disappointment (which roughly took a week), I swatched the color on my hand again and thought of ways to dilute the intensity of color. 

Heart and Tarts” is dark maroon shade lipstick which is matte in effect, yet moisturizing. In pictures, it does look red, I don’t know why, but the true color is one which is visible i…

Poem against Suppression of Women

They said-
Suppress your voice, Suppress your ideas, Suppress your dreams, Suppress your opinions, Suppress your identity, Suppress your emotions, Suppress your urges.
I said-
Then suppressed should have been my breath, the day I was born; Suppressed should have been my mind, when I was sent for education; Suppressed should have been my sleep, when I was weaving dreams.
Now that I am full of aspiration, I ain’t gonna be suppressed by your customs.
Opinioned you might be, but weak ain’t I.

My Sister's Wedding on Sunday :) :)