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Eat Anytime – Orange, Butterscotch, Mango Ginger & Choco Peanut Butter | Review + Buy Online

Hola Peeps!

How many times does it happen to you that you intend to refrain yourself upon binging onto unhealthy food items but out of hunger and busy schedule, the only easy option available turns out to be packaged-salty foods? Sounds familiar? Well, let’s just say it happens lately with everyone because of constant pressure to work more and devoiding adequate time to our own selves which results into poor health. Most of us tend to miss upon meals, say Breakfast just to reach on time to school, college or workplace. Now, if you scrutinize the word “breakfast”; there’s an amalgamation of two words – ‘break’ plus ‘fast’. The time span between the dinner and morning meal is considered as a fast because it’s meant for resting of the body. Ideally, we should have small meals at a gap of 2 hours but of course there lays a great disparity between ideal point and reality. In order to sustain a healthy abode, you gotta eat things which looks most unappealing! No, don’t worry I ain't gonna…