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Song of India – Pure, Natural & Beautiful | Fragrant Products | Price + Review

Hola Peeps! Good Morning from the fragrant abode 😃
From the time wherein I’ve engrossed myself in writing reviews, some keywords have always caught my attention; for example ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’ & ‘Made With Love’. If you’ve read English Literature History, you’d know that Victorian Era was responsible for great dependence upon machinery and everything tangible, with no scope for abstract. But with gradual transformation within the Post Modern Era, that is now, people have gone back to Nature for the survival and appreciate anything curated with human hands. Thus lately, everything reviewed are organic on this blog. 😊
Recently, I encountered an Instagram handle of this brand – Song of India with fragrant products for home which were quite intriguing! In case you don’t know, Song of India has been working since 1932 although earlier it wasn’t working by the same name. There tagline says “We believe in making beautiful products, rich in organic ingredients and handmade with love”. Fr…