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Goodbye Hair Woes with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil!

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
Few posts back, I did talk about my hair concerns. Apparently, it’s not just me who wants a boost to enhance the hair quality. People around me, I’ve seen them complaining too. And even though I am now facing a lot of hair fall, I’ve even seen my younger cousin facing the same issue at his graduation level. With rise in pollution, all sorts of adulteration & improper diets; we all have lost our luscious hair. If you still believe in ‘Perfect Hair’, you’re living in an unrealistic world. With hard water everywhere, even your good soaps or shampoos might not cater the best possible. The only option left? Hydration, Healing & Health being imparted to the hair strands..

Sometime back, I got my hands onto Satthwa’s Premium Hair oil. I’m kidding you not guys, but I’ve heard quite good reviews about this oil. Almost every blogger swears by it & thus I was super excited to try and review it for you guys. So without more delays, let’s be…