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Satthwa: Lemon-Grass Essential Oil | Review + How to Use

Hi Guys, How are you all doing? 😊
So recently, I received Satthwa’s Lemongrass Essential Oil and probably this is like the third addition to my essential oils collection. Now, essential oils can resolve a lot of our daily incurred concerns but the question remains how to use them. Basically essential oils are highly concentrated and they are not to be used directly. The ideal way to use them is by mixing it with either carrier oil or diluting with a face mask concoction. Lemongrass is widely used within Asian states for its tangy-citrusy flavour; added within various curries to enhance their flavour. But it also has medicinal properties which I will share with you all in today’s post. Before moving on with "How lemongrass essential oil can be beneficial in your DIY stuff", let me introduce you first to the brand itself - 

About Satthwa: Satthwa means “pure” in Sanskrit and they stand by the motto “pure to the core”. Satthwa was started by Prashant in early 2016 with the introdu…