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Blogging 101 Series: Getting Traffic at Your Website/Blog

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
Out of sheer digression and a lot of inspiration, I decided to do a completely different sort of blog post. We’ve been doing beauty and lifestyle since long. But then, being a blogger isn’t restricted to that. For those of you who believe blogging is merely getting dressed up or slathering a full face of makeup and posting useless content – “Oh boy, there’s a difference in using nuts to build something innovative and being a nut”! Blogging takes a hell lot of hard work, more than what a proper 9 to 5 job requires. Herein, the improvising horizon is as vast as an ocean for a little fish. And the work of a blogger just doesn’t end with posting content but also letting it reach the right type of audience because of course, there’s much more need of a listener than giving an elaborate speech. Hope my analogies aren’t hard to understand.

Within my blogging journey, I had literally no person to whom I can go and ask for any help/ suggestion for s…