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Hair Care with Inatur Herbals Tahitian Monoi Oil Nutri Repair – Shampoo + Conditioner

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
We all love our hair, don't we? If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d probably know that I recently got my hair cropped up. The reason you’d ask; it’s because of heavy hair fall since monsoon. I know monsoon is responsible for taking toll onto the hair but then it was too overwhelming for me to not worry about my tresses. And as those quirky advertisements tell “I tried this shampoo & that product and yet nothing worked for me”! Ironically, instead of finding some miraculous products, I came across legit bummer ones which claimed to work as a shield against hair fall but instead caused hell lot more hair fall than I already had. In short, worst experience ever!

This is why, I began my research on brands that are devoid of chemicals and do show some results. I mean if not like a complete transition catered to my hair, at least stoppage of hairfall would do. Before going further, let me pause to describe you my hair type and major …

Inatur Natural Skin Care: Charcoal Face Mask – Purifying & Deep Cleansing| Price, Review + Buy Online!

Hola Peeps 😊
If you have an oily facial skin, you’d definitely swear by charcoal! And why is that, you may ask? That’s because Charcoal has the tendency to attract impurities and absorb oil. There are many ways as to how you can incorporate Activated Charcoal in your daily life activities. Although I’ve personally never tried creating anything on my own out of it but I read it can be incorporated for cleansing of teeth.
So some time back, I got Inatur’s Charcoal Face Mask and I was super excited to try! By then, I had not used any charcoal skincare item and ironically just after that I ended up with two more charcoal masks; one from Greenberry Organic’s whereas the other was from Fuschia Vkare which I received in my Adore Beauty Box. If you fall amidst normal to combination skin type, then probably Inatur & Fuschia’s Charcoal Mask would work for you; while for oily skin type GreenberryOrganic’s Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Careis bae! This is what I’ve felt each time I’ve used any of these…