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Introducing - Herb Island | French Green-Clay Face Wash, Hair Growth Shampoo, Moroccan Argan Serum & Ayurvedic Therapy Oil | Review + Price

Hola Peeps 😊

Lately, the terrace has become my spot to scribble content for my blog posts. Especially in the morning; after which you’d hardly think of stepping out of your houses! When summers take over in Delhi, God knows how lame excuses my mind weaves. 😅 One more thing that I wanna tell you guys, I've participated within IndiBlogger Awards 2017 please support me via leaving your valuable comment/testimonial HERE! Thanks in advance; it would mean a lot for me 😊Anyways, let's start with today's blog-post which is dedicated exclusively to Herb Island and their products. So without more delays, let’s begin! 
About Herb Island:

Inspired by the lush vegetation of Australia, Herb Island brings you unique professional treatment and therapy products infused with organic super-foods and all natural ingredients. Our products are just pure and natural bliss made with earthy ingredients that give you healthy and beautiful skin. We represent Australian quality standards and our prod…