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Day Out at Haristo Cafe - Specializes in Wood Fired Pizza

Hi Guys,
Some days back, I took off from the blogging work & decided to do something which can probably make for another blog post.  But not like those I usually post about. Consistently doing product reviews got me bored, so today I'm sharing with you guys my experience to Haristo Cafe wherein I've had some amazing time! Without further adieu, let's begin. 😊

P.s. Food Imagery Ahead Alert! 😆
Speciality: Wood Fired Pizzas that Melt Your Appetite Away!
Discount: Get 15% off from their official website; click HERE.  Or Sign up at Zomato to avail 20% off on your first order!

Story Behind Haristo Cafe: They say you can’t make everyone Happy, you are not a Pizza. Yes, the Pizza Saga has always been popular in our culture. But, every Pizza lover knows how hard it is to find an Authentic Thin Crust pizza in NCR. The same search led to the birth of Haristo in December 2014. HARISTO is a charming Pizzeria Cum Cafe that offers an exquisite range of Italian and Lebanese Cuisines from the…