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Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Hey guys! New Year is around the corner, which means festive time!!! Yupiiieee :)
Today I shall be reviewing Maybelline the Nudes Palette. I ordered this fromNykaaat Rs 899/- It took a while before I received this. It comes in a sleek classy packaging; the only problem being that it lacks a mirror and thus you need to look up in the palette then in the mirror, which is slightly tedious. Along with it is a Q- tip applicator, not exactly a brush. There are in all 12 colors in it ranging from creams to browns and blacks. Few colors are matte while some happen to be glittery. It is definitely a must have if you happen to get interested in eye makeup and you don’t wanna spend heavily on eyeshadows; it is quite a budget buy. Recently I checked it was for Rs 810 or something onFlipkartorAmazon(free delivery). 

I have been trying to do eyeshadows in order to get better in it, but somehow whenever I tried eyeshadows, the look never turned out right. When I used this palette, I realized the importa…