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Outfit Post | Republic Day Edition | Benefits Of Saree

(Pictures are subject to Copyright. Can’t be used without consent)  Greetings Readers, Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day! 😊😊 On this occasion, what do we have here at Think It Over? The occasion reminded me of our traditional Indian garment that is Saree. So, I thought why not? Mauka hai, dastoor bhi.
I have never done an outfit post. And of course I have negligible experience when it comes to showcasing outfits. Perhaps that’s because this blog is handled solely by me (some advises taken from the newly formed Technical Team) and it’s kinda awkward to ask others for photographing dresses. Also, leading a double life ain't so easy my friends!😅 Once I am out of my college periphery, that’s when the blogger starts to partake. Anyways, so here I am with my first outfit post. Let’s begin, shall we?
Firstly, let me share some benefits of wearing a saree that I noted down-   ·Symbolizes Indian culture: Saree is known to be the country’s nati…