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Loa – Miracle Oil | How to Use | Review + Price

Hola Peeps!😃
How are you guys doing? Today I’m here to review for you all the LOA – Miracle Oil. So without any delays, let me first begin by introducing you guys to the brand.  
About the Brand:

The motto of Loa is to bring people back to Nature. Within the brand name, “L” stands for Land, “O” stands for Ocean & “A” stands for Air. Their sourcing as well as ingredients are completely chemical free and refrain from cruelty practises such as Testing on Animals. The founder, Spencer Angeltvedt started his journey 5 years back at a time frame when he encountered a stage wherein nothing possibly worked for his sensitive & dry skin. This provoked him into research and hence the miraculous oil was invented! Their sole belief being – “At LOA, we believe in the power of plants to heal and protect our bodies and want to get close to our natural way of living as much as possible”. Know more from their website, Click HERE

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Description:“A Next Generation Healing O…