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Xiaomi MI Redmi Note 3 Review

Hey Guys!!
My mobile started to give up on me since last year in December. Somehow, I was still letting it work because I didn’t want to ask for a new one as I’d been demanding a new laptop too. Last month, the sim slot stopped reading my sim and my father got it confirmed that there’s no way out to save this dying being! I had heard immensely good reviews of MI and had intended to buy one as they are budget friendly but high on features. I googled and came to know about this model. The MI phones aren’t easily available. There’s no showroom as such wherein you can buy these. You can grab it through online sales on websites such as Amazon or

I bought mine through Amazon sale and believe me it isn’t easy to lay hand on one of these through online sale. In all, I had attempted thrice and this one I had hoped to be the last time I’d try in. I made my other two friends suffer with me as they tried to sit through the sale, see the stock gone to 100% claimed and yet n…