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The arrival of weekend is a break from our hectic school/college/work schedules. On weekends we like to indulge into fancy yet home-made delicious delicacies, which do not take a lot of effort in assembling. Today, I shall be sharing my Sunday special recipe which is apt for breakfast or lunch. You can also pack this sandwich for your college or work lunch meals.

From my childhood itself, I stay clear away from salads. When, I ate from “SUBWAY” for the very first time, I quite liked it. This sandwich is what I came up with for tricking myself into eating salads. This is especially for vegetarians.

P.S. You do not need to be a cook for making this. ;)
WHAT YOU WILL NEED-   ·1 Cucumber   ·1 Tomato   ·2 Cabbage leaves   ·1 Capsicum   ·2 slices of bread   ·Mayonnaise or a cheese slice   ·Black pepper, salt and chili powder (optional)
RECIPE-   ·Step one: Wash all the vegetables mentioned above and start cutting them into thin slices. For cabbage, take its leaf and roll them up and start chopping th…