'The Glistening Lane’ is a personal space for putting forth opinions and views on products, brands and numerous other things. We are by no means a representative of the brands stated on the blog posts. All products are either purchased by us or received as a part of PR and their reviews aren't sponsored (unless stated otherwise). Opinions presented about them are 100% honest and unbiased.

Reviews/blog posts are written based on the personal experience of our team. However, please note that different products perform differently on different people depending on skin type, lifestyle, genes, etc. Things which worked out for our writers may or may not work for you. Therefore, a patch test is always recommended before you religiously start using the product. It is also advisable to consult your dermatologist first as we, by no means, are beauticians or skincare experts. 

Lastly, no negativity shall be entertained, be it in the form of rude comment or emails. The content and pictures posted on our website/blog posts are the outcome of our hard work. Please refrain yourself from using them without asking for permission. Also, make sure to provide adequate credits for the same after the permission has been taken. 

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