Fab Bag September 2021: The She 9igans Edition [10% Off Coupon Code]

By Bhawna D. - September 04, 2021

 *PR package sent for review purposes.

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Fab Bag September 2021 Review

Contemplating whether to purchase Fab Bag September 2021 Edition or not? Then remain hooked till the very end because this blog post includes a 100% honest take on this month’s curation!!

I have received numerous subscription brands in the past as PR, but my average or not-so-average experience with them is the reason why I stopped posting about them here. There were times when I was disappointed with their customer care services and felt the brand representatives only replaced broken products because of the fear of negative reviews. On the other hand, I bought Fab Bag until several years because of their makeup products and inclusion of International brands on board before the brand started sending its monthly curation for review purposes.

This month, the brand completed its 9 years of operations, so it is their anniversary edition variant. I received my bag on the first day of September and managed to use some of their products to share my first impressions with them. In case you are keen to know how a particular product fared, drop me a comment and I would be happy to do a detailed review of the same. πŸ™‚

Fab Bag September 2021

⚠️ ALERT: Discount Code Ahead ⚠️

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Fab Bag September 2021 Review

Fab Bag September 2021 comprises a total of 6 Makeup and Beauty Essentials, which includes a mix of full-sized and sample products. Makeup choice is also available for this month; subscribers will be getting four shade selection options in the SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette. 😍


Products Inside September Fab Bag

Fab Bag September 2021

Fab Bag September 2021

SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette - 03 Fierce Feat

Price: INR 799 [Full Size]

Sugar makeup products? Yes, please!!

When it comes to makeup products, I love palettes or multi-purpose products as they can be packed easily without the need to pack a lot of stuff and can be used in various ways. 😁 The SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette in ‘03 Fierce Feat’ comprises a peachy-coral blush shade, which would look great in summers; a highlighter that will suit all Indian skin tones; and a bronzer that I feel suits my skin tone. They can also be used together to do an eyeshadow look, which I am willing to create and post on Instagram soon! This your cue to follow me on IG guys πŸ˜‚


Fab Bag September 2021 Review

Votre Under Eye Cream

Price: INR 1299 [Full Size]

An eye cream (I believe) is a preventive skincare product as the damage caused by lack of sleeping cannot be reversed easily. I am purposely pointing this out because a lot of content seems to be running on social media platforms claiming ‘home remedies’ can help get rid of under eye bags (that too overnight). πŸ™„ Anyways, the Votre Under Eye Cream has a rich consistency and seeing the ingredients list on the packaging, I’m planning to start using it on a daily basis. πŸ™ƒ

Fab Bag September 2021 ReviewFab Bag September 2021 Review

Bespoke Bubbles Berry Breeze Bath Bomb Crumble

Price: INR 299 [Full Size]

The concept of bath bombs has fascinated me for ages, especially because of their beautiful color and foam-producing ability. I have seen International YouTubers use them in their pampering night time routine, but back then they weren’t available in India. Upon receiving Bespoke Bubbles Berry Breeze Bath Bomb Crumble, I am extremely excited to try it out! The packaging of the product states that it offers moisturizing benefits, which is definitely a bonus. 😍

Plum E-Luminence Mega Hydration Mini Kit

Price: INR 289 [Sample Size]

When I unboxed the Plum E-Luminence Mega Hydration Mini Kit, I was slightly confused. It comprises the e-luminence Simply Supple Cleansing Balm, along with the Deep Moisturizing CrΓ¨me. With the cleansing balm, I wasn’t expecting a crΓ¨me but after seeing the words ‘Mega Hydration’ in the name, it all made sense. I have been eyeing the brand’s cleansing balm for a while so I am really happy that I can now try it out before getting a full-sized product!


Sebamed Moisturizing Cream

Price: INR 120 [Sample Size]

The Sebamed Moisturizing Cream consists of 2% Vitamin E and it is made exclusively for people with sensitive skin. The product packaging claims that the Vitamin E will help neutralize free-radicals and protect the elasticity of the skin. I am looking forward to trying this out once I finish my current Uriage moisturizer. 

Total Worth of the Products: INR 2,986

Total Savings: INR 2,387

TGL’s Final Verdict:

Overall, I have mixed opinions about this month’s curation. I loved how this time the bag is a total value for money with most of the products being very useful. I am really happy to receive the SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette as well as the very exciting Bespoke Bubbles Berry Breeze Bath Bomb Crumble (which gives such amazing unicorn vibes because of its color)! However, I’m not a fan of getting more than 1 sample-sized product because they sometimes remain lying in some corner of the house. But I’m thinking of keeping them in my everyday stash so that I can use them first.

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