Fab Bag August 2021 Review - Is It Worth It?

By Bhawna D. - August 06, 2021

*PR package sent for review purposes.

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August Fab Bag

Wondering what’s inside the August Fab Bag subscription? Then stay tuned till the end to check out my 100% honest opinion on the overall curation, pouch and products received.

The first time I heard about Fab Bag was during my graduation days. The idea of receiving a subscription box with different makeup, skincare and body care products (unknown in advance) was really enrapturing for me. But back then, my pocket money didn’t permit me to get a long-term subscription; so whenever possible, I would lay my hand on the monthly subscription bag and indulge in its enticing experience. [Btw, it was also the time when I just started blogging and reviewed the said subscription whenever feasible.] It also helped me in getting acquainted with different domestic and international brands and building a collection of makeup products, which stayed with me in the longer run.

Cutting short the nostalgia and coming back to the present, I received the August 2021 Fab Bag - the Lash and Line Edition on the second day of the month itself. This enabled me to enjoy its products for a while (like a happy customer 😍) before thinking about writing its review. Before the unboxing begins, I would like to share with you the coupon code that can be used to save some extra bucks. 

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[FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSES: This is NOT an affiliate code and I am NOT earning any commissions from it.] #Collaboration #NotSponsored


August Fab Bag Review
Fab Bag August 2021 Review

Fab Bag August 2021 comprises a total of 5 Makeup and Beauty Essentials, along with a BONUS product. There is no makeup choice for this month and everyone will be receiving 2 full-sized eye makeup products as the name of this edition suggests i.e. the Lash & Line.


Products Inside August Fab Bag

Fab Bag August 2021

Teen Teen Gel Eyeliner Swatch

Teen Teen Gel Eyeliner - Rich Black

Price: INR 449 [Full Size]

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I have been ditching lipsticks for a while, especially the bullet ones that get wiped off on the mask easily. On top of that, now that we have monsoons in Delhi, which makes applying makeup impossible as it remains so humid most of the time. The only makeup product I pick up (sometimeswould be compact, eyeliner or mascara. So upon receiving the two eye makeup items, I was really happy! 

Several years ago, Teen Teen used to be an affordable makeup brand, which was available only in the local cosmetic shops. Now seeing their mascara and eyeliner, I believe the brand has completely changed its game in the market and improved the product packaging. Coming to the product quality, I really liked how the brand placed a seal on the eyeliner pot’s rim, which ensured that the product does not dry out before it even reaches its customer. The texture of the eyeliner is really smooth and the pigmentation is quite opaque as well. However, I am not used to the angular brushes for drawing my liner. I really hope I learn that soon and not make a mess out of it.

Teen Teen Super Sizer Fiber Mascara - Black

Price: INR 549 [Full Size]

Okay, I didn’t expect the brand to go so ahead in the packaging game that their product would appear fascinating as well as luxurious. The Super Sizer Fiber Waterproof Mascara has a black and rose gold tube (not sure what the packaging of mascara will be called). The wand of the mascara has small bristles which can help in not only coating the lashes of upper eyelids easily, but those of the waterline as well, which are relatively shorter in length and sparse. Also, as it is a waterproof variant, I am glad that I can use it irrespective of the weather condition.


Nyassa Crème De Province Face and Body Scrub

Price: INR 249 [Full Size]

I absolutely love exfoliating my body to get rid of the dead skin cells and ingrown hair, but I equally stay away from facial scrubbing because I have super sensitive skin, which becomes red pretty easily. I prefer relying on chemical exfoliators than physical ones. I don’t really like or would suggest anyone to use the same product on the face and body. However, skincare is really subjective and we have a diverse population with different skin concerns so what might not work for me, may fare tremendously well for you! (And vice-a-versa) Keeping aside the disclaimer and moving forth with the product, I FREAKING loved the fragrance of Nyassa Crème De Province Face and Body Scrub. Also, the base of this product is on the creamier and heavier side and the exfoliating beads aren’t too harsh. I have kept this on my bathroom counter to exfoliate my hands, which remain dry in summers as well as winters.


Mond’Sub Lavender Soothing and Firming Facial Mask

Price: INR 200 [Full Size]        

Mond’Sub is a pretty well-known brand by now and I have used a couple of their sheet masks. Personally, I no longer buy sheet masks as they are relatively expensive and lead to a lot of waste, which can harm our environment. But now that I have received it in this month’s subscription bag, I would probably use it on a weekend when I’ll carry out a pampering session. #SelfLove

P.s. I somehow forgot to click the picture of this product and had to resort to the next morning for the same. And I know, you guys can obviously tell! 😅

Tejas Blends Lavender Foot Mist

Price: INR 399 [Full Size]

My latest resolution is to focus more on my feet because they have remained ignorant since lockdown. I have been roaming around in the house without slippers for the past year and until recently, they became quite rough. Thanks to my determination of sticking to this resolution, I have managed to make my feet relatively better and softer. Upon seeing the Tejas Blends Lavender foot mist, I have decided to not only use it during the days when I remove callus from my feet, but also to keep it in my car, especially on the days when I am going out (with my family) and wearing heels [Damn, your girl still prefer comfort over feet-hurting heels!]

Bonus Product: Kronokare Body Butter

Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,846 (excluding the bonus product)

Total Savings: INR 1,247

TGL’s Final Verdict: 

Coming back to the question that was raised at the beginning of this blog post, YES I enjoyed this month’s curation thanks to the amazing pouch, two eye makeup items and the foot mist!! I really loved how the products incorporated were quite apt for the weather, i.e. monsoon. Overall, I would like to wind up by saying: here is a happy subscriber!

P.s. don’ forget to use BHAWNA10 to get 10% off while getting a Fab Bag subscription.

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