Fab Bag July 2021: The Beauty N Duty Edition [10% Off Coupon Code]

By Bhawna D. - July 10, 2021

 *PR package sent for review purposes.

Fab Bag July 2021

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the most awaited subscription bag is here again!

I know I know, I am late again in reviewing this month’s Fab Bag, but believe me, I received it only recently. Now that it is here, I decided to quickly post my take on it. Upon receiving the courier, I quickly sanitized the things as much as possible and flipped through every single pamphlet or info card to understand the theme and the products that have been sent.

If you ask me, I’m surprised because the list of products stated on the info card of the July Fab Bag 2021 has been preceded by the actual contents in the courier box. I re-checked and realized that a huge luxuriously packaged product has not been mentioned. But I honestly loved this product. If you want to know which product I am talking about, then sit still till the end and I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

So let’s begin with the unboxing without more dilly-dallying.


July Fab Bag

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Fab Bag July 2021 Review

Fab Bag July 2021 comprises a total of 5 Makeup and Beauty Essentials, along with a full-sized BONUS Products. The makeup selection option (lipstick shade this time) was available to the long month subscribers.


About the Makeup Item:

Comfortable to wear and packed with rich pigment, Revolution PRO Matte Lip Pigments dry down to a matte finish that doesn’t budge or smudge. This creamy formula glides on with a soft doe foot applicator, for even coverage and unbeatable vibrancy. Wear alone or top with gloss.

Shades to opt from: Spiritual, Visionary, Foresight, Apprehension, Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Affection, and Ardent.


Products Inside July Fab Bag

Fab Bag July 2021 Review

July Fab Bag
Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment - Foresight

Price: INR 695 [Full Size]

I might have a vanity full of lipsticks; I might not “need” more lipsticks, but I would never say “I have enough lipsticks”. Yup, that’s the intensity of love I have with lip lacquers. I mean you can use it in so many different ways like as a blush, colored eyeliner or the more conventional one: coloring your pout. This is why I feel excited upon receiving lipsticks in the Fab Bag subscription. The Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment has everything that I’d expect my liquid lipsticks to be, including a soft texture, matte finish, comfortable to wear, and transfer-proof (because hello we have masks on). In short, I absolutely love it and can imagine myself flaunting it with a plain, sheer white shirt.

P.s. I am falling head over heels with white clothes nowadays. Yes, it’s just a phase. Do you also undergo such phases? Comment down below.


Plum Fun in the Sun Duo

Plum Fun in the Sun Duo (Scrub + SPF 50) [Minis]

Price: INR 274 [Sample Size]

In summers, most of the people have two primary concerns when it comes to skincare. These concerns include having a dull skin and skin tanning. The Plum Fun in the Sun Duo with a scrub and a sunscreen of SPF 50 serves exactly the purpose of minimizing those concerns. Their scrub will assist in eliminating the dead cells to offer a brighter skin, while their sunscreen will act as a shield against the sun to prevent tanning. I am currently using the UV Doux Sunscreen so I’d gift this duo set to my sister.

Moha Face Wash

Moha: Herbal Face Wash

Price: INR 80 [Full Size]

After a really long time, I gave in and tried a skincare product, which is not prescribed by my dermatologist. Moha Herbal Face Wash lathered pretty well and cleansed my face. I did not apply makeup unnecessarily to check if it can remove makeup because I would still prefer and suggest undergoing double-cleansing. Anyways, this product did a decent job and as of now, I’m just hoping that nothing goes wrong, but again a wash-off product cannot do much harm.

K Bizz French Pink Clay

Price: INR 300 [Full Size]

K Bizz is a relatively new brand for me as this is the first time I have come across its products. It is apparently an Indian brand offering French Pink Clay, which aids in deep pore detox. According to the product description given on the packaging “Detoxify and glow in only 10 minutes with K Bizz French Pink Clay Mask. It is a super powered 4 in 1 formula that tightens pores, invigorates a dull skin and instantly boosts radiance”. As it is a powdered-based mask, it can be customized depending on the skin type. For instance, if you have a dry skin, you can add milk into it to get the right consistency. But please try to use a wooden spoon instead of a metal one while scooping out clay masks.


Adideva Naturals Ananda Miraculous Face Serum

Price: INR 799 [Full Size]

I absolutely love toners and serums because they are lightweight and my oily skin loves them. But of course, a moisturizer shouldn’t be skipped irrespective of what your skin type is! Coming to the Adideva Naturals Ananda Miraculous Face Serum, I am strictly staying away from it simply because of the fact that it has a lot fragrance in it! I know a lot of the people are still debating about the presence of fragrance in their skincare products, but I have realized that my skin doesn’t do well with skincare products (I am exclusively talking about products that sit on my face) that have fragrance and this particular product has so much of it that I could take a whiff of it without actually opening the bottle. In case your skin can tolerate products with fragrances then you can definitely give it a try.

Bonus Product: Nourish Mantra Body Lotion Mystic Indian Rose

Price: INR 975 [Full Size]

Yup, this is the product I was talking about in the introduction of this blog post. I know you’d be like,
wait; just now she said she doesn’t like products with fragrance and now she’s praising this particular product”. Dear readers, a few lines ago, I mentioned about facial skincare products and this is solely because I have a sensitive skin, which is undergoing acne vulgaris treatment. I am okay with body care products having fragrance. Now that the distinction has been made, I wanna say that I absolutely love the Nourish Mantra Body Lotion! It comes in such a luxurious packaging and has a pump dispenser that releases only the required amount of the product. It hydrates the skin so well and re-application isn’t even needed. [Please note: this is as per how my skin felt during summers; winter dryness hasn’t been taken into consideration]


Total Worth of the Products: INR 3,123

Total Savings: INR 2,524


TGL’s Final Verdict:

The curation of the July Fab Bag is very well-thought and executed. I loved most of the product, especially the liquid lipstick and body lotion. The one thing I didn’t like was also based on my skin type and concerns, but of course that is not the case for everyone out there.


P.s. don’ forget to use BHAWNA10 to get 10% off while getting a Fab Bag subscription.

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