Fab Bag May 2021: The Summer Lovin’ Edition [Unboxing, Review & 10% Off Coupon Code

By Bhawna D. - May 16, 2021


Fab Bag May 2021
Fab Bag May 2021

Hi guys,

I hope you all are doing immense well. Staying home is a necessity nowadays, so please stay indoors and go out only when it's required. Please get your parents and yourself registered for vaccination and take care of everyone around you. Also, as a lot of fake news or rumors are circulating over the Internet, validate the sources and do not blindly trust anything and everything. In case news or social media is making you anxious (like me), then ditch them for a while. 


Anyways, with the ongoing lockdown and crisis scenario across most of the states in India, it’s getting tough to order non-essentials. Initially, I was skeptical if Fab Bag will be sending across its subscription bag, but their Instagram page did declare the theme of the month, which increased my hope. I received my Fab Bag May 2021 courier on the tenth day of the month. This could probably be because sourcing products at this tough time must have been hard and there must be a reduction in logistics services because of Government regulations.

By the time the courier reached my door, I had almost forgotten what makeup choices I opted. But this only added to the surprise element. {Thanks to my forgetful self! 😂} I believe this post can end up being a tad bit longer, so please grab a snack or beverage before reading forth.

Oh, you're back! Now that you’re here, let’s begin with the unboxing! Also, please note that although this is part of a PR package, all opinions presented in this blog post are 100% honest.


May Fab Bag
May Fab Bag

Here’s the deal:

I have a fab bag coupon code that the brand shared with me for the readers of TGL. You can use BHAWNA10 for getting flat 10% off on a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription plan.

[PLEASE NOTE: This is not an affiliate code. I am not earning any commissions from it. However, given a chance, you should support your favorite bloggers as it helps them in keeping their passion alive in the longer run.]


Fab Bag May 2021 Review: The Summer Lovin’ Edition

The Summer Lovin’ Fab Bag has a beautiful white pouch with green leaves printed all over. Inside the pouch, there are a total of 5 makeup and beauty essentials. The makeup selection email offered makeup choices for the different shades of eyeshadow and liquid lipstick. Stay glued to know what options I picked! 😊


Products Inside May Fab Bag


Brick New York Ultimate Matte Liquid Lipstick

Brick New York Ultimate Matte Liquid Lipstick - 12 Vampiric Red

Price: INR 449

Brick New York Ultimate Matte Liquid Lipstick is not an unacquainted product for me. I have received it in the Tri-Oomph August Fab Bag, but that time I got the shade Soft Fuschia 01. This time, I decide to get myself a classic red lipstick so opted for 12 Vampiric Red. Thanks to COVID-19 and the necessity of wearing masks, I don’t know when I’d be able to wear and flaunt it. As of now, I am going to either use it to create colored winged eyeliner looks or maybe do some self-portrait shoots.


Teen Teen 5D Pretty Eye Shadow

Teen Teen 5D Pretty Eye Shadow – 06 Flamingo Pink

Teen Teen 5D Pretty Eye Shadow – 06 Flamingo Pink

Price: INR 349

Teen Teen 5D Pretty Eye Shadow comes in a compact white packaging with transparent plastic window on the top so that you can easily identify the shade while the product is lying in your vanity. I’m not really sure why the brand has named it 5D, but I’m mesmerized by how adequately soft the eyeshadow cake feels. The product doesn’t take forever in being packed as a lid color and there are no fallouts at all. Coming to the shade, 06 Flamingo Pink is champaign pink, which can be utilized in so many more ways than just eyeshadow. I am definitely going to use it as a highlighter.


Keeva Naturals Scuba Dive Shower Gel

Keeva Naturals Scuba Dive Shower Gel

Price: INR 200

Keeva is relatively a new brand for me as I have never heard about the brand. Their Naturals Scuba Dive Shower Gel comes in a simple plastic bottle. The consistency of the product is more on the liquid side so pouring the same can be a bit tricky. I was expecting it to lather a lot but it only produced decent foam. It could be that I used a tiny amount of the shower gel. I might use it for cleaning my makeup brushes.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Firm Sheet Mask

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Firm Sheet Mask

Price: INR 550

Palmer’s Coconut Oil range has been trending over the Internet for some time. I wanted to try their sheet mask, which I received a few months ago in the Fab Bag subscription. But since I am seeing a dermatologist for acne, I am avoiding applying anything on the face that is not prescribed by the doctor. Thankfully, this product is a body mask! I am really excited to use it and see how it fares for my skin.


St. D’vence Tea Tree Oil Face Wash with Neem

Price: INR 125 for 40 ml

I have tried St. D’vence products in the past and enjoyed using them. I am thinking of keeping this sample-sized pack in my office bag in the hope that vaccination will be done soon and offices will open and every one of us can resume our normal lives (but with masks). The cleanser is sulfate, parabens, SLS/SLES and fragrance-free. It also does not have mineral oil added.


Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,673

Total Savings: INR 1,074


TGL’s Final Verdict:

If you have finished your essential items like facial cleanser and body wash or you are a shopaholic like me who’s craving to lay hands on products from different brands, then go ahead and book yourself the May 2021 Fab Bag subscription. With 2 makeup items and 3 beauty essentials, this month’s essential is not going to disappoint you at all! 💓

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