Fab Bag January 2021: The Reset Edition (Unboxing, Review & 10% Off Coupon Code)

By Bhawna D. - January 09, 2021

Fab Bag January 2021
Fab Bag January 2021
New Year,

New Me!!

Nah, that’s probably never how it works for most of us. Bygone are even those days when we’d resolve to eat healthy, remain fit and not indulge in trivial things (or is it just me? 😂). Keeping in mind the  uncertainty of the pandemic, resolving to save ourselves from negativity and being sane is all that matters right now. Other things can wait for a while, besides our priorities.


Anyways, saying adieu to the year 2020 was great because it completely changed our lives. By now, a lot of us are also back to their everyday routine of going to work, which in my case is still on hold. But as an introvert, I probably will not like going back to the premises because I got habitual to this new life. 🙈


Fab Bag January 2020 review
The Reset Edition - Unboxing, Review & 10% Off Coupon Code
Another great thing about new and new month is the arrival of my most awaited Fab Bag subscription. 😍 To be honest, I don't even remember since when I have been subscribed to the long term subscription of Fab Bag. The reason why I love it so much is because it’s a great way to keep trying new brands and products as well as building a great collection of makeup and beauty essentials.


Before this introduction becomes super long, let’s see what all things I received in the January Fab Bag, shall we? 😄


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Products in January Fab Bag:


C2P Pro Epic Matte Lip Ink Set
C2P Pro Epic Matte Lip Ink Set

C2P Pro Epic Matte Lip Ink Set
C2P Pro Epic Matte Lip Ink Set

Price: INR 1199

👾Hypothetical Scenario (at Fab Bag Headquarters):

Person A: “People absolutely love receiving lipsticks in their Fab Bag subscription.”

Person B: “Yeah, but they are getting used to receiving a lipstick.”

Person C: “It’s a Holiday Season, so let’s include a set of four lipsticks, what say?!” 🤩


I believe something of this sort happened and people like me who love lipsticks got the star product of the Re-Set January Fab Bag. 😆 First and foremost, the packaging of this set is so stunning; so quirky; and so functional! These lipsticks come in a tin box with amazing prints drawn over. Inside, you will find 4 lipsticks:-

01: Tranquil Brown

02: Immortal Ruby

03: Artic Vineyard

04: Lustrous Fuchsia


These lipsticks are very lightweight and they glide onto the lips quite easily, thanks to its great doe foot applicator. It sets to matte within a few seconds, but it does not make you feel that your lips are being tugged because of dryness. However, feel free to use a lip balm underneath if you have supremely dry lips or even otherwise. 

La Roy Holo Me Good Holographic Polish
La Roy Holo Me Good Holographic Polish

La Roy Holo Me Good Holographic Polish - My Holo Valentine

Price: INR 499

I have been acquainted with this brand and these nail paints since a long time. If I remember it right, I was in conversation with the brand for collaboration, but then we both forgot to catch up on the same. Anyways, when I first looked at the nail lacquer inside the bottle, I though it’s only a glitter nail paint. But to my surprise, the nail polish actually has holographic effect!! 🤩I mean holographic nails have been trending since so long and getting that effect via a nail paint is simply miraculous! I absolutely love this nail lacquer and I may grab more of their shades soon. Lastly, it dries pretty quickly even in winters, which is great for an impatient person like me! 🙈

Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème
Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème 

Votre Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème

Price: INR 699 for 30 grams

I have used Votre products before and they have some amazing beauty and body care products in their catalogue. Therefore, I am really happy to see their Multi Vitamin and Rejuvenating Night Crème in this month’s subscription bag. The crème has an amazing fragrance, but I’m not great in describing it. Coming to the texture, the product glides onto the skin beautifully like butter and seeps into the skin within no time. It is slightly thick and perfect for someone with dry skin or for any skin type in winters. Based on its texture, I am 100% sure that it will leave the skin hydrated for sure. 😊


SKINLICIOUS Cucumber Beauty Gel for Skin & Hair
SKINLICIOUS Cucumber Beauty Gel for Skin & Hair

SKINLICIOUS Cucumber Beauty Gel for Skin & Hair

Price: INR 299 for 100 ml

I think I have come across the brand SKINLICIOUS on Instagram, but I haven’t personally used any of their products until I received their Cucumber Gel with Aloe vera & Coffee Berry. It comes in a convenient squeeze tube packaging with all the necessary information printed on the back. The gel has a very soothing fragrance and it does give a very faint cooling sensation. It contains fragrance and I have a sensitive skin so I’ll use this on my hair. I may also use it as a lubricant while shaving my eyebrows because that way I can wash off the product and not keep it long on my face. Although using fragrance in skincare products is still a debatable topic, but I choose to avoid it as much as possible because currently, I am going through skin treatment.

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Fab Bag Discount Code: BHAWNA10

Feel free to use this coupon code for getting 10% off on 3, 6 or 12 month Fab Bag subscription plan.

[Just to be clear, I want to mention that this is not an affiliate code and I am earning zero commission out of it. The brand was kind enough to provide this coupon code for the readers of this blog. However, I don’t think there’s any harm in supporting your favorite bloggers by using their coupon codes. So whenever given a chance, don’t hesitate because that’s how they keep their passion running in the longer run.]

Total Worth of the Products: INR 2,696

Total Savings: INR 2,097 approximately.



  • Getting a functional pouch.
  • Receiving a set of 4 liquid lipsticks.
  • Amazing holographic nail paint, along with other beauty essentials.



  •  None for sure!

TGL’s Final Verdict:

I absolutely love this month’s curation! It definitely gives off the Holiday vibes, thanks to the star product, i.e. C2P Pro Epic Matte Lip Ink Set. I am also looking forward to flaunting the holographic nail paint! 😄

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