Fab Bag July 2020: The Glimpse & Glamour Edition (Unboxing, Review & 10% Off Discount Code Inside)

By Bhawna D. - July 05, 2020

Last month when the team of Fab Bag resumed their operations, I was really happy about it. I didn’t realize when it was the beginning of another month until the subscription box made way to my door (not literally because my apartment has implemented some restrictions because of COVID-19). For a day, I had to leave the courier box on my terrace untouched and then next day I sanitized it well and got the contents home. Today, we are delving straight into the Fab bag July 2020 review. So, let’s begin!
Fab Bag July 2020
Makeup Selection Process:
For the month of July, there will be a combination of 6 Makeup & Beauty Essentials. However, there will be no makeup selection this time. Every subscriber will be getting an Eye Makeup Combo of SUGAR Uptown Curl Lengthening Mini Mascara - 01 Black Beauty (Black) and SUGAR Wingman Waterproof Microliner - 01 I'll Be Black (Black). As wearing a mask has become essential nowadays due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), only our eye makeup will be visible and both these items are important while glamming up the eyes. Also, since monsoon calls for skipping onto heavy base makeup, you can just dab some compact and use eye makeup & you are good to go!

The Glimpse & Glamour Fab Bag Pouch
The Glimpse & Glamour Fab Bag Pouch:
When I was unboxing and sanitizing the Glimpse and Glamour July Fab Bag on the terrace, I was awestruck by the design and quirkiness of this month’s pouch. It is made using a transparent plastic, which I assume is to ensure that things don’t get drenched since the monsoon season is almost here in India. Also, it is relatively much easier to sanitize the pouch because of its material; so full marks on utility and easy sanitization. The pouch has pink and purple prints on some parts and the theme of the month has been written in black color to give a beautiful contrast. Overall, I absolutely love the pouch and I’m definitely going to flaunt it almost everywhere!

Fab Bag Discount Code: BHAWNA10
The Fab Bag discount code is only applicable for the 3, 6 or 12-month subscription plan.

Products Inside July Fab Bag:

Sugar Uptown Curl Lengthening Mini Mascara - 01 Black Beauty
Sugar Uptown Curl Lengthening Mini Mascara
Sugar Uptown Curl Lengthening Mini Mascara - 01 Black Beauty
Price: Rs. 299

A couple of weeks ago when e-commerce websites resumed their operations, I ordered three makeup items from the website of Sugar Cosmetics. I purchased the ‘Ace of Foundation Stick’ in 25 Maccchiato, ‘the Most Eligiblur Smoothening Primer’ and ‘the Uptwon Curl Lengthening Mascara’ as I was running out of these things and some intriguing offer was on-going. I have been using this mascara since some time now and to be honest, it truly justifies its name. The mascara wand is thin, which helps in coating every lash hair evenly, and the product assists in lengthening the lashes beautifully. When I’m shooting a makeup look for Instagram, I often use this mascara first to lengthen my lashes and another coat of the ‘Matte Look Lashes Push Up Mascara’ that also came in one of the subscriptions of Fab Bag. On a normal day, you can just put some mascara and lip gloss and you can rock that work video call!

Sugar Wingman Waterproof Microliner - 01 I’ll be Black
Sugar Wingman Waterproof Microliner
Sugar Wingman Waterproof Microliner - 01 I’ll be Black
Full Size: Rs. 499

Since the lockdown, I have been noticing that my eyeliners have been drying out really fast. I’m absolutely clueless about its reason because I have tried keeping my sketch pen eyeliners upside down but when I’m using them over an eyeshadow, they stop working midway. I ultimately had to get a liquid eyeliner from Nykaa and for the time being, it’s doing fine. However, I am really happy that I have a new sketch eyeliner because they are super easy to work with and do not require the hassle of dipping the brush in the pot. Definitely looking forward to using this eyeliner but its packaging is so beautiful that I’m having a hard time ripping it off. Do you guys also face this issue? ๐Ÿ˜…

Mond’Sub Avocado Nourishing & Tendering Facial Mask
Mond'sub Avocado Nourishing & Tendering Face Mask
Mond’Sub Avocado Nourishing & Tendering Facial Mask
Full Size: Rs. 250

I remember the brand Mond’Sub because when in my initial years of blogging, I had collaborated with the brand. I have used their gold sheet mask, which we also got in Fab Bag some time ago. But the Avocado Nourishing & Tendering Facial Mask seems to be a new launch because I haven’t really seen it anywhere. The packaging of the mask is different from their other range of masks and it has avocadoes printed all over it. By the way, I didn’t really notice this earlier but when I sat down to write the review, I saw that there are 3 different masks in this month’s subscription, which is kinda cool! I will be using this sheet mask for the day when I wanna pamper my skin a bit because avocadoes are generally used for people with dry skin and mine is super oily.

Sirona Gold Ore Handmade Bath Soap
Sirona Gold Ore Handmade Bath Soap
Sirona Gold Ore Handmade Bath Soap
Full Size: Rs. 190

I was starting to write about ‘Sirona Gold Ore Handmade Bath Soap’ but I decided to take a bath first so that my thoughts can be crystal clear about what I think of this soap. One thing that I absolutely love about handmade soaps from the brand is that they do not leave my skin dry and flaky. As much as my facial skin is oily, my hands are dry and they always look terrible if I don’t apply a body butter or lotion, which honestly, I forgot all the time. But with this soap, I’m really happy how soft my skin feels.

Tvakh Pink Clay Purifying Mask
Tvakh Pink Clay Purifying Mask
Tvakh Pink Clay Purifying Mask
Price: Rs. 150 for 25 grams

Even before I had worked with the brand Tvakh, I had heard only good things about the brand and its products. Also, I have received this sample in my January 2020 Fab Bag and I have absolutely loved using this face pack. To be honest, I think once I will be done with the face masks I already have, I will be ordering the full size of this product. The ‘Pink Clay Clarifying Face Mask’ helps in cleaning congested pores, soothing down the skin and locking in the moisture. It is parabens-free, mineral oil-free and GMO-free and makes the skin radiant, soft, smooth and oil-free. Besides this, it also helps in calming inflammation or painful acne and helps in slight reduction of the size of small pimples.

Fab Bag 2020 Review
Sugar Mask
Sugar Mask
Full Size: Rs. 99

The world is collectively fighting against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after its sudden outbreak in the December 2019. One of the ways through which the World Health Organization has suggested to prevent the spread of the pandemic is via social distancing measure and using a mask. The Government of central and state has also made it mandatory to wear a mask. Therefore, I’m really happy that the Fab Bag & Sugar Cosmetics team has been considerate about that.

Fab Bag July 2020
Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,487
Total Savings: INR 888 approximately

  1. The unique design of the Fab Bag pouch.
  2. Receiving 2 makeup products from Sugar
  3. Getting a face pack and a sheet mask.
  1. NONE!

TGL’s Final Verdict:
Getting essentials like a mask; getting eye makeup products such as eyeliner and mascara from the brand Sugar Cosmetics; and getting every reason to pamper your facial skin using one face pack and a sheet mask, what is there to not love in the Fab Bag July 2020 Edition? On top of this, the pouch itself is so nice that even if you have most of these products, you can always gift it to your closed ones. I absolutely love it and would suggest you grab this one ASAP!

I hope this blog post was beneficial to you.
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