Juicy Chemistry Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water - Product Review

By Bhawna D. - April 13, 2020

[NOTE: I purchased this product before the lockdown was announced. Please make sure that you do not hoard onto essential goods or think about splurging on skincare or other non-essential goods as of now. This will ensure that businesses don’t open at the moment when social distancing is a MUST and courier companies do not exhaust their forces for serving people during lockdown. ๐Ÿ™]


When I was learning photography, I noticed how a human element made my pictures breathe. This also made me realize that it’s important for me to connect with my readers. Automation might have taken over the world but you’d still need a friend or psychiatrist when your mind becomes chaotic. No machine would be helpful in that scenario. Every week, I can just chatter on about ABC of skincare but this won’t bring a lot of the audience. Neither will it give me any motivation or happiness because after a point I might lose my enthusiasm and wonder “Wait, who am I writing this for?”

If I go back to my memory lane (well, my memory card is corrupted but it still retains some joyful moments), I will always remember days when I’d received emails from people whom I have never met in real. And yes, phone calls and texts are a quick means to connect with people but I guess I’m old school that way and I genuinely appreciate people who take a few minutes of theirs to write a letter or email. This also reminds me how Swathi (from Curious & Confused Me) and I would email each other when I was doing my post-graduation. In between classes, instead of being amidst a crowd of people, I would find an isolated corner of my university and write emails to her. And then, I also became friends with an author who’d email me at least ten questions everyday that had nothing to do with my personal life.

The digression lasted for a little bit longer than usual but I guess jumping into the back story of how I got this product should also be heard. When I ordered this product, life was going pretty smooth but COVID-19 was not a lurking traitor anymore and the Government suddenly announced the lockdown only on the evening when my package was delivered to the society gate. I was skeptical at collecting it because my parents were a little worried about couriers at that time; and I was completely unkown about the places that it travelled and if anything goes wrong then no one but I would be to blame. Anyhow, I researched about the way it can be sanitized and used so I asked my mother to take the ‘sanitizing’ supplies to the terrace and I brought my courier there, got it sanitized and left all the cardboard boxes in the dustbin. This is one of the reasons why I have no images to show what the outer packaging looked like but you can always check out the brand’s website.

Now that I think about it, I’m glad I got it home because this particular product is AMAZING! To know how it helped me, grab your favourite beverage or snacks and let’s begin with today’s review.

Australian Tea Tree and Basil Water

Product Description:
Tired of painful acne & pimples? Include this anti-bacterial facial toning mist featuring premium Tea tree hydrosol with antiseptic Basil in your daily skincare regime. It prevents acne while tightening and rejuvenating your skin. It is perfectly complimented with Aloe-Vera to provide hydration and Lemon to help in skin-lightening. Keep it handy with you for a clear skin treat!

Ingredients & Their Benefits:

๐Ÿ€ Tea Tree: Tea tree represents one of the most commonly used ingredients, especially for treating acne, as it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It helps in reducing inflammation, and pimples as well as their scars.

๐Ÿ€ Rosemary: Rosemary is a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B-6, and its nutrients can aid in protecting the skin cells from damage, which is caused by sun.

๐Ÿ€ Lavender: Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes and heals the skin and minimizes acne scarring.

๐Ÿ€ Basil: Basil is used as an ingredient in different skincare products as it helps individuals who have oily skin and suffer from congested pores.

๐Ÿ€ Lemon: Lemon is a skin astringent assisting in the closing of the skin’s pores and makes it smoother. It is also a skin brightening agent, which lightens pigmentation and scarring.

๐Ÿ€Aloe Vera: Aloe vera helps in relieving skin irritation, owing to which it is used in the manufacturing of numerous acne treatment products.

Price: INR 850

Buy Online: Buy the product directly from the brand’s website by clicking HERE.

Juicy Chemistry Product Packaging

Product Packaging:
Juicy Chemistry has 100% Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water comes in a simple yet informative cardboard outer-packaging. But what I love the most about the main product packaging is the glass bottle that comes along with a spray nozzle. A lot of the Indian brands nowadays are changing their packaging to make them recyclable and environment-friendly, which definitely deserves appreciation. 

Tea Tree Mists in India

My Skin Type & Concerns:
There is a reason why most of the bloggers emphasize on patch testing the product and making sure that their audience knows their skin type. The reason being: each and every product performs differently on different skin type, and skin concerns are not solely based on skin type; they can also be a result of an individual’s age, lifestyle, diet, genes, etc. So before we begin to discuss that how the product fare on my skin, please note that I am 25 and my skin is oily, sensitive and acne-prone (in summers). Based on my observation, I develop active acne because of coffee, pollution, sweating and things that go beyond my control, a.k.a. hormones. I tend to develop 4-6 active acne especially before my monthly cycle and they take their sweet little time to subside. 

My Experience:
During summer, I prefer my toners to be non-moisturizing but lightweight enough to do their magic of closing my pores without leaving the skin greasy. This way, I can layer up essential products like a moisturizer, which is often neglected by people who have oily skin type. But what they actually need is a good gel-based moisturizer that seeps into their skin quickly. [At the moment, I’m using HyaluGel by Ethicare Remedies but that product deserves a separate post]

In my hunt of picking a toner which is tailor-made for my skin type, I ended up on the website of one of the most talked-about brands: Juicy Chemistry. As soon as I realized that they had a tea tree mist, it went straight into my shopping cart. Now that I’ve used it for more than 3 weeks (or is it 4? Can’t keep track of anything since lockdown), I’m wondering why I didn’t pick two of these. From the time I’ve been using it, I noticed no new breakouts on my face and simultaneously, I was treating my existing acne. The moment when I noticed a few pimples peeping to say hello was when those days of the month were knocking at the door. But again, hormonal acne cannot be treated with external products so that’s really fine. I love the ingredients of this product and how it fared with my sensitive, acne-prone skin type, which breaks out with everything and anything. I’ve never been hooked to a product for this long and I generally tend to try out different products instead of ordering the same. But this time, I think I’ve changed my mind as I’m waiting for the lockdown to be over so that I can place my order soon.

Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree Mist

Final Verdict:
Yes, the price of this product is slightly on the steeper side but given the fact that it performed so well on my skin, I don’t think I would mind spending that much on a product. Comment down below which is your favourite toner at the moment. 

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