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By Bhawna D. - March 29, 2020


Just a couple of minutes ago, I was hovering through Instagram and found an interesting story, which validated how history has been repeating itself after every century:
1720 - Plague
1820 - Cholera
1920 - Spanish Flu
2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19

Although, the source of the COVID-19 is yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the pandemic started spreading from the city of Wuhan (China). Thanks to inflating income levels, advancements in the transportation facilities and the burgeoning tourism sector, we’re all in this trouble together; fighting against the disease only with precautionary measures and no vaccination as of now. Some of these measures include maintenance of basic hygiene by keeping our hands clean and not touching our face or unnecessary objects around.


As the number of deaths has increased worldwide, governments in different countries are declaring lockdowns, closing down public places and initiating curfews. For instance, the Prime Minister of India recently announced the ‘Janta Curfew’, which was accompanied by a small activity wherein people came out to their balconies/windows and used utensils, bells, shells and applauses to demonstrate humanity as their topmost priority. A lot of the people would argue about the relevancy of this act in stopping COVID-19 and I cannot complete dismiss that aspect. [Edit: India is currently on a 21 days lockdown and the number of confirmed cases at the moment are 1,209. You can keep yourself updated about these number through this website: click HERE.] 

P.s. if you are wondering 'how to self-quarantine at home?', then this blog post is exclusively for you!

Now that most of the world has been forced to stay indoors to prevent the pandemic from spreading, work for home (WFH) is our only resort. And for a person like me who has never worked that way, it’s hard to clearly lay the distinguishable line for identifying where’s the limit of the professional life and when the personal life can take over. Till date, I’ve tried to keep at least this aspect of my life sorted. I’ve always ensured that no thoughts of my work come home with me and trouble me when I’m having tea, doing creative things or sleeping. Now the line I drew to maintain this has started to diminish pretty quickly and office laptop has entered my room, I wanna share my take on how I keep myself mentally sane while being self-quarantine at home. [Edit: I've completed one week of WFH today and it has completely changed my schedule. For some reason, I'm all the more active after 6 p.m. when my shift ends and I cannot sleep at night because maybe my mind is unable to understand that this same room is also for relaxation. #MessedUpMind] 

After a long introduction (because it was necessary), let's discuss about things to do during self-quarantine. Shall we? 

Self-Quarantine Ideas:

Indulge in Creative Activities

If you ever wanted to take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities, now is the right time. [Edit: no, don't be like this XYZ singer who skips being tested on the airport for coronavirus and then throws parties! #SocialDistancing is the need for the hour!!] Recently, Deepika Padukone posted a picture of her learning to play piano during self-quarantine. To indulge in creative activities, I went back to one of the adult coloring books that I got from Amazon some time ago. To be honest, I’m not that great at drawing things but coloring definitely gets you imaginative. At least, it helped in calming down my mind. Comment down below what activity is it that you picked up during lockdown? 

Watch Netflix/Amazon Prime/YouTube

I’ve been hooked to YouTube since most of my life because that happened to be the first online streaming service that was recognized globally. Even today, I spend a lot of time watching YT videos on genres, such as beauty, lifestyle, cooking, roasting and game streaming. But now I also watch TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime! In fact, I’ve seen most of the Punjabi movies, especially those starring Ammy Virk on the said platform. At the moment, I’m watching classics like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘2 Broke Girls’.



Coming from a person who used to finish a novel in a single day, reading opens a completely new world for the reader. It upgrades their imagination and makes them question their own perception. It can also mentally prepare them for a situation, which they haven’t experienced as of yet. Therefore, pick up new or old favorite novels or download some online! 

Enjoy the Company of Your Furry Friends

No, I’ve never had a furry friend because my father doesn’t like keeping an animal away from his natural habitat. And I don’t think having a sparrow for 12 hours would count because she was injured and unsafe on the road. I got her home and she stayed there the whole night without eating anything. The next morning, when I went to see her, she wasn't there. To be honest, I felt attached to her even though she was here for a few hours. I just learnt that I’m not strong enough to see an animal ill but people who have a furry friend, this is just the right time to give them your love and care!

Prepare Exotic Delicacies

Right now, I’m trying to adopt a minimalist lifestyle so that resources don’t exhaust and I don’t have to frequently go out for getting everyday essentials like milk and vegetables. However, whenever I go on Instagram (which I’m also trying to avoid), I see stories and posts of people trying to make different delicacies. As it’s the right time to avoid junk food and eat only home-made food (even Zomato posted the same on their Twitter account), focus on improving your culinary skills and prepare everything that you like at home.

I hope this blog post was beneficial for you.
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