Blue Nectar Shubhr Pimple Honey & Tea Tree Pimple Clear Face Cleanser: Product Review

By Bhawna D. - January 24, 2020

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After the onset of a real battle with acne, wherein they decided to bombard my face with troops left and right and almost everywhere on my face, I changed a lot of things in my skincare routine. It not only included an alteration in the products, but also a change in the way how I did my skincare until now. In this eventful journey, I encountered a lot of products that actually work well and a few that simply turned out to be dud products. Today we are going to talk about one of the good ones. The product in the question is from the brand Blue Nectar. I did review some of their products in the past. But now that we are back to the same brand, let’s just skip on a long introduction and begin with the review! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Shubhr Pimple Clear Face Cleanser has 9 Ayurvedic Herbs like Honey & Tea Tree that are known for treating pimple scars and preventing new breakouts. This face wash is Sulphate & Paraben Free and suitable for all skin types. Ayurvedic Herbs like Honey, Tea Tree, Aloe vera have anti-microbial properties and they address the root cause of pimple by deep cleansing & removing excess oil without drying your skin.

Dispense an appropriate amount of the product, lightly massage it on the damp skin and rinse well with water and pat dry.

Raw Honey, Nagkesar, Anantmool, Aloe vera, Gajar Beej, Neem Chal, Gulab Ark, Giloy, Manjistha, Glycerin, Tea Tree, Base QS (Sulphate Free) and Phenoxy-ethanol (Paraben Free).

Price: INR 495/-

Product Packaging:
Blue Nectar Shubhr Pimple Honey & Tea Tree Pimple Clear Face Cleanser comes in a blue and yellow cardboard packaging that offers most of the product information. Inside the outer packaging, the main product is stored in a transparent plastic bottle, which comes out with the help of a pump dispenser. 

Product Color, Texture & Consistency:
Blue Nectar face wash is slightly orange in color, which looks very similar to honey. It is slightly thick than other face washes that I was using recently. However, it doesn’t take a lot of efforts to spread out the product on the facial skin. The cleanser foams decently unlike foaming face washes but that is because this product is sulphate free. Nonetheless, it does its job perfectly well!

My Experience:
Since a couple of months, I have been battling pimple attacks non-stop, owing to which a lot of the product reviews are on hold. However, I went ahead and tried out this cleanser because I have used a couple of the products from this brand in the past and they suited my skin type. So, I had this hope that this product won't disappoint me.

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Although I keep switching my cleansers back and forth depending on what I feel my skin needs, I kept coming back to the Blue Nectar Shubhr Pimple Honey & Tea Tree Pimple Clear Face Cleanser because of its claims to prevent new breakouts. Since my skin was also healing during this time, it was important for me to put a halt to new pimples. Therefore, I tried to stick to this cleanser, especially during the evening, as that was when I used skin treatments or ointments, and for them to work their magic, it was necessary to begin with a cleansed skin, which had no traces of makeup.

During application, I would take out a tiny amount of the product, less than what a full pump would dispense out, and massage it on a damp skin. As I have resorted to double cleansing and making sure to use the facial cleanser for around 60 seconds, I would only use the product with clean but dry fingers to ensure that the cleanser doesn’t drip off my face and I focus the product on all corners of my face. When the face wash would become tacky, I would dip only my fingers into water to re-active the product and spread it well. Although I have been using this technique for only a week now, I still feel that it did make a significant impact on the number of breakouts that I get now.

After removing the product, the Blue Nectar Shubhr Pimple Honey & Tea Tree Pimple Clear Face Cleanser leaves my skin squeaky clean but without stripping off all the moisture from my skin. My skin does look health, glowy and tempting enough to touch. I even got compliments from my friends, which was quite reassuring on its own. Coming to its outcome, it did prevent breakouts but I wouldn’t say my skin is completely free of them. Please keep a note of the fact that acne is not caused by just one factor, so it could also be because of hereditary, diet or hormonal imbalance and I’m yet to figure out the same.

Overall, I quite enjoyed using this product and I wouldn’t mind repurchasing it!

Comment down below if you have tried any of the products from this brand.
Also, what is your favourite cleanser at the moment?

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