The Beauty Fix Fab Bag - November 2019 Edition | 10% off Coupon Code | Detailed Unboxing and Review

By Bhawna D. - November 10, 2019

November Fab Bag 2019
Hello everyone,
Hope you are all doing immensely well! ❤

It’s been ten days since we’ve entered the month of November. A lot of you might be wondering “Why Bhawna? Why are you so late in unboxing this month’s Fab Bag?” Well, it’s not me who is late in drafting the blog post. I received my November 2019 Fab Bag more than a week late. This delay was because of Diwali as it was the time wherein the team of Fab Bag usually starts dispatching the subscription boxes. However, “Better Late Than Never” is what most of us abide by. So, without further delays, let’s begin with the unboxing. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Makeup Selection Process:
In the “Beauty Fix November Fab Bag”, there will be a combination of 2 Makeup & 4 Beauty Essentials worth around INR 1600. The brand has curated a selection of N'LFE Lipsticks - Powder Matte for you to choose from. Please note that the main makeup choice will be available on all subscription plans! ๐Ÿ˜

P.s. the second makeup item is from an International brand.

Fab Bag November 2019
“Savings Harm People” - Said No One Ever!!
Exclusive Savings for Our Readers - 10% off Coupon Code: The team of Fab Bag was kind enough to offer a special coupon code for the readers of our blog. Please feel free to avail this discount by using the coupon code - BHAWNA10 while subscribing to the 3, 6 or 12-month plan. (In case you are wondering, I’m not generating any commission out of this coupon code)

The Fab Bag Pouch:
I guess the majority of the Indian festivals have already been celebrated in the month of October. Therefore, I was expecting this month’s Fab Bag pouch to be simple. However, to my surprise, the Beauty Fix November Fab Bag came all glammed-up with a golden textured material as the base and a black glittery patch in the front. I personally feel that this particular pouch is one of their best pouches till date. So, I won’t be using this for storing my makeup or skincare essentials. I’m thinking of adding a couple of jewellery pieces and glittered nail paints inside and gifting it to my sister. I hope she isn’t reading this or else this won’t be a surprise any longer. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Products Inside:

N’LEF Lipstick Powder Matte
N’LEF Lipstick Powder Matte - PM113 - Evil Queen [Full Size: INR 450]
Nope; it’s not me who has written the spelling of the brand wrong. It’s the Nelf Cosmetics itself who decided to change their name. When I received the makeup selection email, I got confused as well because I have collaborated with Nelf Cosmetics a couple of years ago and I did receive their Powder Matte Lipstick which was somewhat in a berry pink shade. Therefore, I considered it safer to ask the team of Fab Bag if it was a spelling error or the brand decide to change its name. And the second option turned out to be true!

Coming to the lipstick, I’m not really a fan of this lipstick. The bullet of the lipstick, after you remove its cap, is somewhat flimsy. If you hold the upper and lower end of the bullet and shake it a little, you’d actually see it wiggling. Now, this could probably be a defect only in the lipstick that I particularly received, therefore, we move on to the formulation of this product. Well, powder matte lipsticks are not meant to be soft and this is what enhances their longevity. However, when I managed to apply this lipstick during the shoot of this blog post, I saw how the lipstick looked streaky and patchy on my lips, especially in close up shots when I wanted to capture the beautiful shade - 'Evil Queen’. Thus, when you decide to flaunt the N’LEF Lipstick Powder Matte, make sure to use a lip scrub and hydrate your lips well before the product application. I guess this will make everything seem even and amazing!

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil

CHAMBOR Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil - Black No. 101 [Full Size: INR 645]
Even though the main makeup item wasn’t my favourite, I absolutely loved the Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil. The pencil glides on smoothly but it isn’t too soft that it will keep breaking off and create product wastage. It also had a twist-up packaging for the same purpose. Coming onto the longevity, I had this eyeliner pencil swatched on my wrist and it stayed there without fading until I had dinner (around 7 to 8 pm). After which it faded slightly but not completely. In short, this is an absolutely amazing product to have in your subscription box. 

The Nature’s Co. Purifying Vanilla Hand & Cuticle Emulsion
The Nature’s Co. Purifying Vanilla Hand & Cuticle Emulsion [INR 250 for 50 ml]
The Nature’s Co. is one such brand that has a lot of amazing skincare products. Therefore, receiving their products in the Fab Bag makes me feel happy. The Purifying Vanilla Hand and Cuticle Emulsion comes in a transparent, convenient squeeze tube through which you can see the amount of content that has been used up. This hand cream spread onto the hands easily and hydrates your hands very well. A well hydrated hand is equal to zero cuticles. Hence, I’ve decided that I will be keeping this in my office drawer and use it every single time I wash my hands. 

Krono-Lip Ceramide Enriched Lip Balm
Krono-Lip Ceramide Enriched Lip Balm [Full Size: INR 245]
Until a few months ago, I was enjoying the Kronokare’s Frizz Kiss Lip Balm, which gives off a cooling sensation post-application. I stopped using it only when its packaging got ruined and the product started leaking on account of a mishap. But when I saw Krono-Lip Ceramide Enriched Lip Balm, I knew it’s going to become one of my favourite lip balms soon. Thankfully, expectations matched with reality. I’m happy that it is winters and since I love liquid lipsticks, I can still keep my lips hydrated using this lip balm.

Plush Travel Pack [Sample worth INR 25]
To be honest, I haven’t used this sample in particular as it’s a comfort kit that caters to your sanitary pad requirements during those days of the month and it’s not that time for me yet. However, I was quite impressed when I read that it comprises 1 light flow pad, 1 heavy flow pad and 1 panty liner. Other claims on the packaging also include:
๐Ÿ‚ 100% Pure US Cotton
๐Ÿ‚ Parabens-Free
๐Ÿ‚ Chlorine-Free
๐Ÿ‚ Fragrance-Free
๐Ÿ‚ Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Pure Dust Herbal Powdered Face Wash [Sample worth INR 10]

It’s really tough to judge a skincare product in a single-use. Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you all the goodness that’s loaded in this face wash. The packaging states that the cleanser is manufactured using rare herbs for eradicating dirt, oil and impurities. It also aids in cleansing pores, preventing them from clogging and providing an instant boost of radiance. Lastly, here is the complete ingredient list: Herbal Extract of Malacca Tree, Rose, Psoralea, Corylifolia, Winter Cherry, Purple Nut Sledge, Soap Berries, Multani Mitti, SLS, Menthol, Kaolin and Talc.   

Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,625
Total Savings: INR 1,026 approximately

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