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By Bhawna D. - October 29, 2019

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Reviews
Skincare acquired spotlight in the international market several years ago. However, it is anticipated to take a couple of years more for gaining momentum in developing countries. Our country - India, with a population of 1.3 Billion, is currently in that phase wherein domestic and global skincare brands are willing to expand their businesses here. Besides this, thanks to the Digital India Programme, a significant part of the nation is going online and getting exposure as well as awareness about new brands/products being launched. Also, inflating income levels along with the rising number of influencers in the country are igniting the curiosity of the people owing to which they are ready to splurge on these products.

While it is essential that we (bloggers) sustain the peace of the beauty community, it is also very important that we disclose our personal encounters, which assist in protecting readers/consumers/individuals against a ‘promotion’ that is coming especially from a much-hyped and popular bloggers/YouTubers. Please note that I’m not against paid, sponsored or barter brand collaborations.  And the term ‘promotion’ has been used here to imply: mentioning of a specific product, discount or deals on your blog, social media and YouTube videos.

‘A big audience comes with a big sense of obligation’. (No one said that ever. Why?)

Let’s begin the narration of today’s blog post by keeping things as anonymous as possible without targeting any individual; looking at the root cause of the problem; and thinking if we can conclude a solution. (because: To err is HUMAN) ๐Ÿ˜Š

Recently, I went through the content of a digital content curator who mentioned how she ordered Health & Beauty’s Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay online through (when this product was being offered at an amazing discount). If you have been watching international YouTubers, chances are that you must have heard about the hype around this product. As this facial mask helps in reducing the size of the acne, I, with acne-prone skin, jumped at this opportunity. I was aware of how so many of my co-bloggers had bought this product shipped to India from relatives or websites like And I ordered this product from ‘Apni Dukaan’ at no extra shipping or customs! At this moment, my brain gave me no intimations even when our website was initially named as “Think It Over” (and I didn't think it over while placing the order). In short, I ordered this product and it reached my doorstep in a day or two. I had expected that this product will calm down my active pimples that don’t say ciao adios even when I’ve grown out of my teenage years.

Upon opening the courier box, everything seemed too good to be true, which made me hesitate from opening the seal of the product. At that moment, I thought I should probably check if this product was original or not. So, I decided to Google the images of the product packaging and like a detective, I matched every aspect of the packaging. Almost 95% of it was exactly the same but the slight change in the font and line spacing made me question its authenticity. This also made me download a QR barcode scanner app and I ended up scanning the barcode printed on the packaging.

Igniting my doubts, this particular product with this barcode had no records. This was actually enough to validate if it’s a real product or a rip-off. I’m not really against dupes because there are so many makeup dupes out there that are affordable and offer exact same quality owing to the same manufacturing unit/formulation. However, when it comes to skincare, these products are meant to seep into the layers of your skin and using a fake product may cause skin irritation or problems that may or may not get treated completely and it could end up ruining your skin to such an extent that complete recovery isn't feasible. Also, there’s a clear difference between a dupe and a fake product and I personally would go ahead and promote say ‘Miss Claire’ for college-goers over ‘NYX liquid lip creams’ but not a fake Huda Beauty lipstick (easily available in Sarojini Nagar).
Email sent to the brand from my end
In my quest to validate the authenticity of the product that I purchased, I ended up emailing the brand to confirm if this particular product with slight alterations in terms of packaging, and product color, texture and fragrance is being sold by the brand or not. I also sent them the details of my Amazon bill which clearly stated the Amazon seller’s address and other details. Although it took the brand around a month to revert to my email and confirm that this wasn’t their product. 
Revert from the brand - Aztec Secret 

Safeguard Yourself from Fake Vendors!!

Bill received from
When I was scrutinizing on the packaging of this fake product, I noticed that the company’s address was stated wrong. While the pictures on iHerb and showed Aztec’s address as:

The product in my hand had the following address:
Aztec Secret Health & Beauty
Soukya Road, Hoskote (Some Place in Karnataka)

When I Googled, half of the mystery was sorted and the address turned out to be that of Karnataka (India). Now understand the seriousness of the situation - if anyone would have used this (with clear skin or one with acne) and experienced inflammation or development of new acne or allergy, the brand - Aztec Secret would have clearly said it’s not their product. And then, you can’t really hold the brand accountable for the nightmare your skin experiences because their original product maintains a standard but the fake one isn’t prepared in their manufacturing unit. The second obvious thing would be to question Amazon and its seller. Amazon is a big organization and their website has so many sellers that I think they have lost the track of what these sellers are really up to. I’m not saying everything from their platform is bad, but you can’t really figure out when you've been scammed unless you are aware! Unfortunately, not a lot of us are aware of it. The funny part is - while I was writing this post, I searched this product on again.

RESULTS: 1 product with so many packaging! ๐Ÿ˜‘

Soukya Road, Hoskote
Also, I’m disappointed by the fact that Amazon offers no return policies for personal care and makeup products. What does a customer do in a scenario when he/she is not opening the packaging and receives a product who’s packaging screams it’s a rip-off or will expire in a couple of months?

Now is also the right time to elaborate on the findings of this particular seller from which I purchased the product. It seems that the seller intentionally named his business on amazon as “Indian Healing Clay” in order to deceive the consumers. Also, it’s quite questionable on the Amazon India’s part because a lot of the reviewers have stated that this product is fake but the online platform did nothing to take this seller or product off their website. Another thing which makes me feel as if I’ve been scammed is the fact that a lot of the reviewers who have given this product a 5 star or a positive review have a profile that shows that only this product has been reviewed by them. So, if these profiles are real or fake is again put to question. 

Seller's review

A Word of Caution:
This product is originally marketed for acne-prone skin, there would be so many people out there (especially in India) who would have gone ahead, investing in this product because of its easy availability on (without realizing that it is not a real product but a rip off made by who knows?). Sadly, when we bloggers don’t do our research well before talking about a product, a significant amount of consumers are misguided. Also, I do not understand the point as to why do big companies let sellers exist on their platforms who don’t even have authentic products. These companies can claim that they’d like to keep options open for people who have a tight budget but this explanation can not suffice for personal care products because they may lead to bad consequences for the consumer (without them actually understanding what it is that’s going wrong in their skincare routine). 

Although a couple of concerns that have been raised are debatable, the ultimate conclusion that can be derived through this blog post is to BE AWARE! Even if something is easily available and has been promoted by XYZ celebrity or social influencer, make sure to do your R&D before investing in anything blindly. Make sure to read the ingredient list and look suspiciously at products that only specify key ingredients (because this means that there are a lot of ingredients that are sneaked into the product but never declared publicly). As a blogger, if I’ve collaborated with a brand, I’ve made sure to question them about the ingredients even if they have only stated the ingredient list on the packaging. Similarly, as a consumer, it makes sense if we start being inquisitive about what goes into these products that we slather onto our faces. Lastly, DO NOT purchase items from online or offline sellers who sell products that are about to expire or aren’t 100% authentic.

Hope this peice of information was informative! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Much Love ❤

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  1. Thank you for the post. I never thought of using this product in first place. However I do get Skincare products from Amazon, usually plum! omg good u didn't use it Bhawana ❤️


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