Let’s Battle With The Negativity That's Dwelling In Our Minds!

By Bhawna D. - September 29, 2019

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Today’s blog post has nothing to do with fancy products, elaborate skincare or any of the usual topics which I talk about. And though I should ideally be researching on relevant keywords right now, I’m skipping upon everything that breaks my flow of creativity; because first and foremost, I started blogging to vent out my desire to scribble. It could potentially be due to my INTJ personality type which hinders me from undergoing everyday things such as human interaction!

INTJ is a personality type that is rare to find, particularly in women and people falling under this type are a bundle of paradox. For instance, we can be imaginative but practical as well; swayed with ambition but we keep our lives pretty much private; also we are highly curious beings who merely like to observe human behaviour.

Keeping aside the deviations – Negative thoughts are quite frequent in every human being, despite their personality type. Before we begin with one particular action, millions of thoughts crop up chattering why we’d miserably fail. So much so that a lot of us have to recreate normal interaction in our head and after several rehearsals, would only manage to say “Hi”. Weird; definitely yes!

One of the best ways to keep away negativity is to be surrounded by positive people. Now, it will be really hard to buzz-off all the irritating people that take out the bad side of you. But when you keep people happy around you, half of the problems are resolved then and there. If you remain with people wherein you have to be someone who you are not, then chances are that it might lead to negative thoughts once you are alone by the end of the day. Things like that my friend, we don’t want to endorse.

Secondly, stop judging! By judging it necessarily doesn’t mean I’m including a third person herein but often, I’ve seen people judging themselves a little too much. Say I meet a person in my work scenario who is too talkative and I feel his jokes are a little too overwhelming for me. Try to associate and focus more on the things that are genuinely helping others. So, instead of taking into account his kiddo jokes, try to see how he is taking the efforts to keep a humorous environment. If you keep on judging yourselves and comparing your life with others, chances are that you’d end up breeding self-pity. We’d prefer self love; but self-pity :not at all.

This brings us to the third and another vital aspect.
The first move towards reforming your negative side is to learn how to accept your flaws. Until and unless we accept ourselves and accept equally our flaws, we cannot hope for the better days. Until I accepted the fact that I am a little too blunt, I will never learn to keep my sharp words in control. The idea is to be aware of our own positive and negative traits so as to find a way out instead of messing up the whole scenario.

P.s. it was hard for me to gulp down the fact that I do have temperamental issue. Generally, it takes its toll particularly on those days of the month.

I’m still endowed with that imperfection and the goal of detaching anger from myself or atleast overcoming it enough so that it doesn't hamper my life as well as the life of others who genuinely care for me, will obviously take time. The learning phase is still running and I also observed that when I fail to let my creative side take over, it leads to annoyance.

"Let's evade the darkness of our minds together!

Hope this post was helpful for you 😊
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