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Fab Bag September 2019 - The Made in Seven Edition | 10% off Coupon Code | Detailed Unboxing and Review

Hi Guys,
Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨

I know I’m slightly late in posting the unboxing of the Made in Seven Edition Fab Bag. However, this is the fastest that I could give all the products one or two trials, curate content and take product pictures. Usually, I receive the products on the last day of the previous month, which gives me some time to release the blog post in the initial five days itself. But this time, as it was a weekend on the 01st of the month, my Fab Bag landed my house on the 02nd of the month. Now, keeping the introduction short and crisp, let’s focus on products that you will be receiving this month. So let’s begin, shall we? 😊

Makeup Selection Process:
In the “Made in Seven September Fab Bag”, there will be a combination of 2 makeup & 3 beauty essentials. Please note that the main makeup choice is available only on 3, 6 & 12 month subscription plan.

Exclusive Savings for our Readers - 10% off Coupon Code: The team of Fab Bag has offered a special coupon code for the readers of “The Glistening Lane” -  BHAWNA10. Please feel free to use this coupon code while subscribing to the 3, 6 or 12-month plan. #HelloMoreSavings

About the ‘Made in Seven September Fab Bag’:
Prep and party with an ultimate beauty line-up this month! Grab blockbuster makeup and beauty essentials worth over 1900/- inside the 'Made In Seven' September Fab Bag. For this month's mystery bundle, the team of Fab Bag has curated a selection of SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Minis Set for you to choose from.

The Fab Bag Pouch:
On the occasion of the seventh anniversary, the Fab Bag team sent a pouch that has a surprising new format, which was never sent earlier. This time, the length of the pouch is double in size and not only the pouch has a usual zip closure, it also has a snap fastener for folding over and giving it a clutch dimension. Furthermore, the pouch that I received has a plain blue rubber-like side and a sparkly black side for giving the bag a high party-ready contrast. I genuinely liked this month’s bag and on the brand’s Instagram page, I noticed that around 3 color variants are available. However, on my first attempt to close and open the snap fastener, the fastener came off from one end, leaving me slightly disheartened. I’m not sure if it’s just with my pouch or you guys have also faced the same. Comment down below in the comments section to let me know.

Products in September 2019 Fab Bag:
If you ask me my personal opinion on this month’s Fab Bag, I’d say I love almost everything this time. There’s a wide array of products inside, which will cater to your makeup, skincare and hair care requirements. On top of that, there are two makeup products and you get to try out four beautiful shades of the much loved Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks. In fact, this one makeup item itself will cover around double the amount of money you splurged on buying the Fab Bag. (P.s. use the above given Coupon Code for subscribing to the long term subscription, which will aid in increasing your savings on beauty essentials!) Also, the pouch itself is unique, stylish and quite innovative. Kudos to this month’s curation!!



πŸ’œSUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Minis Set - Nifty Nudes [Full Size: INR 999]
I think it was before the 25th of August when the makeup selection email arrived one fine evening. As soon as I landed home from work, the first thing I did was to crash on the bed and open all the links given for reference to select the makeup product. A total of four variants were offered, which included Hit Hues, Nifty Nudes, Pretty Pinks and Rusty Reds, and The Best of All Worlds. Amongst these, I selected the ‘Nifty Nudes’ set that had four nude shades (as the name suggests). This set comprises 12 - Don Fawn, 13 - Wooed By Nude, 14 - Teak Mystique and 37 - Hot Apricot. All these lip colors are different shades of browns and the shade number 12, 13 and 14 are somewhat similar but with different intensity of brown in them. And I’ve recently also purchased 11 - Greige Rage, so I’m all ready to flaunt some beautiful brown shades at workplace, events and shoots!


πŸ’œTS Cosmetics Pressed Glitter [Full Size: INR 300]
A few years ago, when TS Cosmetics was a lesser-known Instagram page, I had purchased two pressed glitters from them. I had created an eye makeup look using the black pressed glitter and it was posted on my Instagram page, however, I turned the image monochrome for some stupid reason. I’m not sure where those glitters are now but I’m quite excited to create some Indian makeup looks using this ‘Cappuccino’ variant. In case you don’t know, these glitters need no glue as they stick onto the eyes with just a few taps on the eyelid.

πŸ’œNirvaana 100% Pure and Natural Hair Spray - Detangling [Full Size: INR 299]
Until recently, I wasn’t really into hair care products. All I bothered to invest upon was a shampoo and probably some baby powder. However, after getting the free-hand highlights (balayage) done on my tresses, I starting exploring conditioners, serums and other hair care products. On receiving the Nirvaana 100% Pure and Natural Hair Spray, I was happy that it was devoid of chemicals and will help in detangling my hair. Also, I was quite impressed by the ingredient list which states that these things have been used for manufacturing this product: Distilled Water, Glycol, Aloe Vera Gel, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oil, Non-Mineralized H2O and pH balanced Aqua.

πŸ’œGarnier Skin Naturals Mask [Full Size: INR 99]
A couple of months ago, Garnier had introduced 3-4 sheet masks but I was never able to try them out. One of the reasons being that Innisfree and The Face Shop sheet masks are also priced at the same rate and I wasn’t really sure if these could compete those self-tried and tested products. Nonetheless, now that I have this one in my hands, I would love to give this a try, especially after a tiring day. The sheet mask that I’ve received is the Sakura White variant that claims to cater a super-hydrating pinkish glow. It also contains the much-hyped Hyaluronic acid which eradicates dry and dull skin.

πŸ’œW2 Face Wash [Full Size: INR 225]
If I am not wrong, we did receive a facial moisturizer from the brand W2 a few months earlier. Now we have the Neem and Turmeric Face Wash that assists in de-pigmenting the skin and preventing the development of acne. As far as I know, some of the people received the strawberry variant of this cleanser but I’m happy to receive this particular one. The reason being, I have an acne-prone skin and turmeric would offer anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to my face. Also, I really like the simple yet unique product packaging since no such brand in the Indian market has black product packaging, until and unless it is their charcoal range. 

Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,922
Total Savings: INR 1,323 approximately

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