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By Bhawna D. - June 02, 2019

fab bag june 2019
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A couple of hours ago, when I was in the car with my father, I asked him if any of my couriers paved the way to our doorstep. Quite confidently, he said “Nope. None as far as I know”. Slightly dejected, I thought it’s only the 30th of May and probably the Fab Bag parcel will arrive on the last day of the month, i.e. 31st May. However, when I returned back from work and entered my room, I saw it sitting on my laptop. It was kept on the small space which is exclusively dedicated for my blog work.

P.s. I like to call it headquarter of The Glistening Lane! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Apparently, my father was sleeping when the courier guy arrived and it was received by my mother, therefore, he was clueless as to when it arrived. I’m calling it a surprise for myself as well as him! As soon I changed into comfortable pyjamas, I got some of my trusted equipment for unboxing which includes a pair of kitchen scissors and a sharp knife. After taking a couple of unboxing shots, that too in the assistance of my father, I took a couple of products into the bathroom and decided to have a long bath and try out some of the products that I received. Well, I do like to try out how a particular product, especially a makeup item, fares under a cold shower. #BloggerLife

With that jibber-jabber, let’s unravel all the goodies that were inside the Fab Bag June 2019 Edition!! ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

fab bag june review
Makeup Selection Process:
In the ‘Checklist June Fab Bag’, subscribers will be receiving a combination of 2 Makeup and 3 beauty essentials. Please note that the makeup choice is only available for 3, 6 & 12-month subscribers. Those who are subscribing on a monthly basis will not be getting an option to select the makeup item.

the checklist june fab bag
The Fab Bag Pouch:
I’ve been a long term subscriber of Fab Bag and if you ask me about my personal preference, I love simple pouches with slight attention given to details. This is one of the reasons why I was really impressed by this month’s pouch. In fact, my mother liked it too! The pouch is made from a fake matte leather look-alike material; I’m not really sure what the material is called. Three sides of the bag have scallop design going on which is quite aesthetically appealing. The variant that I received has a soft brown colour and you may receive it in a different colour. As of now, I’m not sure how many colour variants are there to look out for. 

EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR READERS - 10% Off Coupon Code: The team of Fab Bag was kind enough to offer us a special coupon code for our readers -  BHAWNA10. Please feel free to use this coupon code while subscribing to the 6 or 12 months plan. #HappyToHelp ๐Ÿ˜‰

Products in April 2019 Fab Bag:

Disguise Feather-Light Liquid Lip Cream - Relaxed Mocha [Full Size: INR 700]

Disguise Feather-Light Liquid Lip Cream

Disguise Feather-Light Liquid Lip Cream - Relaxed Mocha
If there’s one makeup item to which I can never say no - it’s a LIPSTICK!!
I’ve stopped keeping a record of the number of lipsticks that I own. I may buy a new lipstick today and the next day I’d be like “Hmm. I should probably buy a new lipstick soon”. And that ‘soon’ could possibly be within the next few hours! #LipstickAddict

I was well aware in advance that this lipstick will be a part of this month’s Fab Bag. The reason being: the makeup selection email wherein I picked up a soft brown shade - Relaxed  Mocha. I’ve been long done with pink lipsticks but I still like to experiment with darker pink variants that are more onto the violet side. Recently, I have gravitated towards soft browns (darker than nude brown shades) and greyish brown (which I tried at one of the Smashbox events 2 years ago). It’s not that easy to carry these shades on a regular basis but I like roads less taken; so why not? Coming back to the Disguise Feather-Light Liquid Lip Cream, I was spell bounded when I applied it for the first time! First things first, the lipstick glides onto the lips quite easily and you won’t struggle with the formulation drying before you can apply it properly. The doe-foot-applicator is so precisely structured that it fits well in narrow regions such as the Cupid’s bow and corner of the lips. You can easily draw out your lips using this and fill in the shade without worrying where your lip liner is! Also, the lipstick feels lightweight and soft on the lips and I did not feel the need to prep my lips using a layer of lip balm. You can totally skip it until and unless you have dry or chapped lips. Lastly, the lipstick isn’t completely transfer-proof but it does not come off while you’re having beverages. However, the lipstick will vanish from your lips when you’d have lunch but that’s the case with a lot of the liquid lipsticks. 

Eyezmate Matte Look EP01 100% Waterproof Non-Transfer Soft Kohl Kajal Auto Eyeliner Pencil [Full Size: INR 249]

I’m not really a kajal kinda person because I already have small eyes plus weak eye muscles makes me squint them, especially on days when I’ve worked beyond my usual hours. However, I do use kohl pencils to line my upper lash line and wing it out a little. I did wear this kohl pencil on the day when these images were shot. It has a creamy formulation and resists quite well against water splashes (I tried that the images were shot by being playful with the water sprinkler that was present at the location). But it does budge from its place if you rub your eyes. You can definitely use it for an everyday basis.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Milk Cleansing Face Wash [Full Size: INR 399]

Bellapierre Cosmetics Milk Cleansing Face Wash
Even though I’m acquainted with certain people who are very judgmental about applying makeup, I care not what they think or gossip about! Just like trimming beard is a personal preference for men, applying makeup is a personal choice for women. It’s definitely not for others that we do makeup and it’s definitely not for gaining attention or feeling special. Let’s just leave it for us to decide what we want.

I apologize for expressing some bolted thoughts but this space is exclusively for people who I feel can relate to this scenario. Anyways, I like to apply makeup on everyday basis but it clearly depends on the amount of makeup that I apply. And of course, I have my lazy and mood swing days when I feel like to showcase my imperfect skin that has a lot of acne marks but who cares! Other days, it’s only about eyebrow or a lip color. However, be it heavy makeup or no makeup, I have developed a habit of double cleansing my skin. I have an acne prone skin and it reacts to almost anything and everything. Therefore, I use micellar water or a cream based makeup remover from Biotique before actually washing my face with a face wash. This assists in breaking down the waterproof makeup molecules that are generally hard to get removed just with a facial cleanser.

While trying out the Bellapierre Cosmetics Milk Cleansing Face Wash, I noticed how it glided onto the skin and lathered pretty well. It feels silky soft between the fingers and takes off all the non-waterproof makeup. I had applied the Disguise Feather-Light Liquid Lip Cream which failed to come off using this face wash. It also did not get rid of my mascara but then that’s how most of the cleansers perform. In short, it does its job pretty well and thankfully leaves no greasiness onto the skin! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Tuzba Naturals Eyes Tea Under Eye Roll On [Full Size: INR 450]

Tuzba Naturals Eyes Tea Under Eye Roll On

In comparison with other brands that I’ve talked about in this blog post, Tazuba Naturals is the least acquainted brand for me. I really liked the user-friendly roll-on format of this product which makes application easier. I’m not sure how it fares in terms of lightening under eye circles but it definitely helps in calming puffiness in that region. I do have it under my eyes right now while I’m typing the content of this post. It seems to have some cooling agent which gives it that menthol-like sensation. Looking forward to trying it on really tiring nights!

Organic Harvest Sunscreen – SPF 60 [INR 335 for 50 grams]
Organic Harvest Sunscreen SPF 60
Since a couple of days, my Instagram feed has been bombarded with the launch of sunscreen by the brand Organic Harvest. Least expecting to receive the same in this month’s Fab Bag, I crossed checked Instagram to see if this was the same product or not. Not to my surprise, but yes to a lot of happiness, I read almost all the specifications that were written on the label. Apparently, this sunscreen is a bundle of joy as it is suitable for all skin types and manufactured using certified organic ingredients. It has SPF 60, and provides PA+++, UVA and UVB protection. Plus, it sets into a matte finish which saves you from that post-application sticky feeling. I gave this product a try and though, I loved the finish it gives but I was not so happy about its fragrance. Its fragrance is somewhat ayurvedic-y (if that’s a word) and overpowering for me. Although, I may get away with the fragrance by applying it primarily on my hands that have been tanned since ages. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Bonus Product

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