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By Bhawna D. - May 04, 2019

keep it chic fab bag
Being an introvert is quite hard when you have uncountable thoughts straying in the mind yet only a few words to support the same. And then we also have days, when our mind screams at the top of its voice and we simply jot down on our work desk – “Probably, not a good day for human interaction”. However, our bond with that miniature hot wheel car, near the laptop, manages to support our survival among a trillion of people that are sitting around. 

Luckily, I personally have hundreds of friends from unknown territories that spare some of their precious time, trying to understand each and every word that I pour out here on the blog. Although silence is a vast language of its own, it would be really kind of you to drop me a “hey” text in the comments section below. 😊😊

So a couple of days ago, I found my Fab Bag May 2019 Edition courier on the bedside table after I was home from work. One of the reasons which made me all the more excited was the fact that it was only the 30th April. Out of sheer curiosity, I ripped open the cardboard box without thinking twice. Make sure to stay tuned till the end of the post to see what all products I received and which ones have paved their way towards my heart! Let’s begin with today’s blog post, shall we? 🎔

Makeup Selection Process:
In the ‘Keep It Chic May Fab Bag’, subscribers will be offered a combination of 1 makeup, 4 beauty essentials and a delectable surprise. And the amazing part is that the makeup choice is available on all plans!! Moreover, the team of Fab Bag has curated a selection of La Mior Illuminating Blush for subscribers to choose from.

fab bag may 2019
The Fab Bag Pouch:
In comparison with last month, May Fab Bag pouch is quite simple with no jazz running around. Last month we had a floral pattern stitched onto the bag, however, this time it’s plain with the usual wristlet, brand tag and zip closure. I’m not really sure what has been used in its manufacturing but the pouch has a slightly rubbery texture and subtle shine which reflects off the majority of the light. Like usual, I’m assuming that the brand will be sending a couple of different colour variants for everyone. Mine is somewhat Indian bridal red in color. I’m still wondering how I will be using it but I did flaunt it while taking pictures for this blog post! (refer to the first image) 😂😂 

EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR READERS - 10% off Coupon Code: The team of Fab Bag provided us with a special coupon code -  BHAWNA10 that can be used for subscribing to the 6 or 12-month plan. 😍😍

may fab bag
Products in April 2019 Fab Bag:

La Mior Illuminating Blush Mama Mia

La Mior Illuminating Blush
La Mior Illuminating Blush – Mama Mia [Full Size: INR 799]
This month, the makeup selection was amongst the two shades of blushes by the brand La Mior. I did come across this brand over Instagram but haven’t really tried out their makeup items earlier. Personally, I was quite impressed by some of the hydrating ingredients that were included in the ingredient list. Apart from this, the inbuilt brush packaging also impressed me. However, my blush did come out of the package during transit and I was slightly disheartened about it. Even the brush applicator isn’t finely crafted but since it does its job quite decently so I don’t really have any complaints from it. Coming to the pigmentation, you do need to swipe twice or thrice to get a visible layer of blush onto cheeks. Also, it did fade away from my face after a time span of 6 hours and it could possibly be because of heat and sweat. Overall, I think I’d be giving it a couple of more trials to give my final verdict. 

Acnes Skin Soothing Gel

Acnes Skin Soothing Gel [Full Size: INR 125]
We have been receiving samples of Acnes facial cleanser since some time in Fab Bag. Therefore, on seeing this tube, I initially assumed that it’s a facial cleanser and the first thing I did was to accompany it with me to the bathroom for seeing its effect on my skin. While I was massaging my face, I noticed that no foam was being produced. This is when it struck to me that it’s not a gel cleanser but a full-fledged aloe vera gel. Silly me!! 😅😆 After being enlightened from my mistakes, I placed the aloe vera gel into my refrigerator. I'm glad I received this as my Plum Green Tea Gel is almost on the verge of emptying and I am waiting for that day when I get hit hard by mood swings and order numerous things which I have kept in my wishlist since ages. 

The Herbal Blend Lip Scrub [Full Size: INR 285]
On the day when I decided to get Fab Bag shots taken using my friend’s help, I ended up losing this particular product. Ironically, this was the second batch of pictures which I was going to take. Even last time I failed to click the Herbal Blend lip scrub image as the sun had settled down and my camera was taking extremely blurry pictures. I did not try out this product but the variant I received was mint and I really wanted to try it out since I have a mint lip balm in my vanity. I did try retracing my steps to all the places that I went but I couldn’t find it anywhere. 😓

The Soap Company India INTENSE Body Wash
The Soap Company India INTENSE Body Wash [Full Size: INR 200]
A couple of months ago, we received soap from the Soap Company and this month it’s their body wash. Personally, I prefer using body washes as they are relatively hydrating on the skin and smell amazing for a few hours. This particular body wash comes in a decent travel size packaging and I love the aqua theme running on the label. I did try it out and felt it has a nice fragrance which luckily isn’t fruit or floral. We can probably describe the fragrance as something refreshing and not too strong for people with sensitive noses. 

Columbian Brew Instant Coffee
Columbian Brew Instant Coffee [4 sachets: INR 8]
In case you have been reading my blog posts since some time, you’d know how much I love myself a cup of coffee. Also, I can literally use everything made from coffee. Its aroma casts special magic onto me and I feel the need to whiff its fragrance again and again. However, coffee makes my skin break out as well. Yet, I know I would be brewing myself a cup of cold coffee soon and topping it off with some vanilla ice cream, Hershey syrup and chocolate Oreo cookies! 😋😋

Bonus Product
As far as I’ve seen reviews of all my co-bloggers, I think each of us will be getting a random beauty essential product. I have received the Aaryanveda hair serum which I also got in the last year’s July Edition. Since its summers, sometimes I tend to get frizzy hair, especially at the ends. I would definitely be using it on those days particularly.

I remember in between shots, while I was sitting on the big trunk of a tree, a squirrel came nearer to where I was sitting. Initially, she was exploring onto my backpack which was lying at a distance. Later, she decided to walk through and check out products that were placed just beside me. Not just that, she literally had her head inside the Fab Bag pouch and I was laughing at what she was up to. I also uploaded this picture on my Instagram story. In case you aren’t following me there, scroll down to become friends there! 😊

Total Worth of the Products: INR 1,417 plus
Total Savings: Approximately INR 818

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