What’s On My Bedside Table? (Sleeping Essentials)

By Bhawna D. - April 20, 2019

“Sleep is the best meditation”

As stated by Dalai Lama, sleep plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our brain, mind, heart and soul. However, with so many thoughts and deadlines pre-occupying our mind, the first thing we do is to cut down on our sleep, little realizing that it may lead to insomnia in the longer run. Thus, sleeping at least 6-8 hours is a must! Today, I will be sharing with you a couple of things that I like to keep on my bedside table to soothe down my senses and refrain random thoughts from disturbing my sleep. So, without further adieu, let's begin with the blog post. 😊😊

Aromatic Candles
Personally, I’m very much fond of candles. So much so that I hoard them in abundance but avoid lighting them!! An aromatic candle aids your senses to turn off from the overworking mind and bringing it into the present moment. If you happen to have a candle with lavender fragrance, then I must tell you that it helps in sleeping a lot better (tried and tested by people across the globe). By the way, in case you don’t have an aromatic candle, you can always go ahead and DIY it using a normal candle by pouring a few drops of essential oil onto the wax. Further, an aromatic candle can also work as a night lamp for those who do not like to sleep in complete darkness.

Hand Cream/Body Lotion/ Moisturizer
Hydration never hurts anyone; therefore, make sure to keep a hand cream, body lotion or a moisturizer on your bedside table. You can use it before hitting the bed and it will ensure that your skin gets pampered while you doze off. Moreover, the application process helps in massaging your skin/body, therefore, stimulating relaxation and sleep. And of course, the fragrance is a bonus here. There’s no doubt in the fact that you’d wake up to a happy, healthy and supple skin. If you have dry skin, then you should definitely not skip on this part! In case you like body butter, they are warmheartedly welcomed in this list as well. 😃

Eye Shade
If you are born in an Indian family and you tend to sleep with your parents or sibling, chances are you might need these for sure! If you don’t need them, chances are that your parents need them while you’d scribble blog posts late at night. Anyways, I’ve got a couple of them for my parents, although they’ve kinda adapted themselves to my late night working. I bought mine from Miniso store which helps in keeping puffy eyes at bay! 

Nobody is interested in counting sheep at night anymore. Sometimes, you have to be that storyteller to a kid that resides within you. Therefore, reading a magazine or novel would really help you in falling asleep. Please note that in case you are really passionate about reading, make sure to keep some snacks nearby as you may get too engrossed into the text! Just a word of warning. 😂😂

Water Bottle/Glass of Water
Lastly, keep a bottle or glass of water so that you don’t deprive yourself of inner hydration. Otherwise, you might end up dreaming about the desert, sand dunes, barren land, drought and what not!

I hope this post was helpful to you. In case you know of someone who will benefit from reading this post, then make sure to share it with them. Also, feel free to drop your views about it in the comments section provided below 😊😊

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