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Fab Bag August 2018 "Own the Glam" Unboxing & Review

Fab Bag August 2018 - Own the Glam - Unboxing

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.

Do you like surprises?
I bet, you can’t say no to that.

Surprises are one of those quickest means of breaking the monotonous patterns of our lives. When I come back home from work, finding a courier onto my bedside table is what pumps up my excitement level. And this is exactly what happened on the evening of 31st of July. I kinda had a hunch that I’d receive my fab bag earlier this month, but getting it before the month actually starts, feels amazing! So without more jibber-jabber, let’s begin with the Fab Bag August 2018 unboxing.

Theme for the month - Own the Glam ✨

Theme of the Month: Own the Glam
When I think of the phrase “own the glam”, my mind draws an imagery of a glamorous girl. Therefore, I interlinked the theme with my expectations of having makeup products.

The Process of Product Selection:
As expected, we have one of star products from the brand Sugar Cosmetics! 😍😍

Few days ago, I was sent a product selection email from the team of Fab Bag. Therein, a total of five products were available, along with majority of their shades and these products were: Sugar’s Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Quad, Sugar’s Gloss Boss 24 Hr Eyeliner - Back In Black, Sugar’s Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream, Sugar’s Contour De Force Face Palette Shade 02 - Vivid Victory and Sugar’s Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick. Initially, I was inclined towards picking up the eyeliner but this was a gloss variant and I prefer my eyeliners matte. Owing to this, next I decided to pick up their base makeup product, that is, the BB cream. Nonetheless, my shade wasn’t available and two shades which were available were meant for medium to dusky skin tone. I had their quad already and even though I loved its pigmentation, I finally managed to pick up the Countour De Force Face Palette in the shade Vivid Victory. There were no colour variants and I love to stock up on bronzing powders as I tend to use them a lot.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a one month subscriber, you will receive Sugar’s Matte As Hell Crayon in a random shade. No product selection email will be sent over.

Price: Rs. 599/ per month. However, you can get it at a subsidized rate if you invest upon a long term subscription or remain hooked onto their social media channels wherein they often declare coupon codes for 10-20% discount.

About the Bag:
If I haven’t told you this before, I have a lot of Fab Bag pouches which I like to hoard for keeping my makeup, especially when I’m travelling. Whenever I have shoot days, I have 2-3 Fab Bag pouches in my backpack which encompasses different things like skincare, jewellery or makeup. So, for this month, the pouch I’ve received is pink and blue in colour. The bag is pretty simple and its height helps to cater a lot of storage space. For a better understanding, please refer to the above given image. 

And here’s a complete breakdown of the products which I received in my Fab Bag – Own the Glam edition:

Star Product of the Month!! 😍

Sugar Contour De Force Face Palette – 02 Vivid Victory (Full Size: INR 799)
For me personally, this has to be the star product for the Fab Bag – Own the Glam edition. I have had the mini bronzing powder from this brand in one of the bygone fab bags; and I was pretty happy with its pigmentation as well as lightweight packaging. This is one of the reasons why I went ahead and picked up the complete palette. Moreover, my mini bronzer might be hitting the pan soon so I considered it as an opportunity for stocking up on my makeup products. P.s. it’s hard to find an affordable matte bronzer in the Indian market. Therefore, I love this one! Also, this palette comes with a small rectangular mirror too. Now about the colour, this palette has a bronzer which will go well for fair to medium skin tone. The highlighter shade is simply!! (disclaimer: Figure of speech and not an actual website). And the blush, I feel, will go really well with ethnic looks. The best part reserved for the end, the pigmentation is really amazing! These powders are so buttery soft to touch which makes them blend really well onto the skin, without making the makeup appear blotchy. 👏👏

The palette is superbly pigmented! 😊

The Golden Nose Mask :p

Mond’Sub Skin Beauty Collagen Nose Mask (Full Size: INR 200)
I’ve tried mondsub products in past because they are pretty much available in every other subscription box. If dryness is one of your major concerns then you can definitely go ahead and try their facial masks. Till date, I’ve not tried any of the nose sheet masks. I hope it does not constantly slip off from my nose. Still excited to try it out though. 😊 

Biobloom Face Moisturiser - Apt for Normal to Dry Skin

Biobloom Face Moisturizer (INR 150/- for 50 ml)
Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of acne, particularly in the cheek and chin area. Post ointments, I’ve noticed that my skin has developed weird dryness around these region and peeks out a little too much if I apply a foundation. When I first saw a face moisturizer, I was slightly disappointed because I have an oily skin type and a lot of the cream based moisturizers leave behind breakouts. I’m yet to try this on my face but when I checked the consistency of this product, it felt really lightweight and easy to absorb into the skin. It also has a fragrance of vanilla which lingers on post application. I hope it works well for my skin; fingers crossed.

Other details stated on the packaging

Fuschia's Pomegranate Pearls Scrub

Fuschia – Pomegranate Pearls Exfoliating Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub (Full Size: INR 250/-)
I don’t remember how I have this product already present in my skincare closet; few Delhi events are responsible for this I believe. I met team of Fuschia during two to three events and they were kind enough to provide us with few samples. The Pomegranate Pearls Exfoliating Face and Body Exfoliating Scrub has a beautiful fragrance. It somewhat reminds me of a bubble gum. Moreover, the scrub has comparatively less exfoliating beads which gives a mild scrubbing experience. 

Lastly, I wasn’t too blown away by this month’s curation, particularly for the brand selection in the skincare category. But I hope things are intensely amazing in the next month. 😊

That's about it for today! 💓

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Much Love ❤


  1. This month's Fab Bag is kinda disappointing, especially the skincare stuff. Counting a nose mask to be a product is worthless :( And Fuschia scrubs have appeared loads of times already.

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    1. I too wish the skincare products would have been different :(


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