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Fab Bag July 2018 - The Gotcha Covered - Unboxing & Review

Fab Bag July 2018

Hi Guys,
Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨

Do you like surprises? 😍
For me personally, Fab bag is one of those surprises which keeps me hooked every month without fail. As soon as it’s around 20th, I start presuming about things that shall knock my door on the initial days of the month. This time, my Fab Bag July 2018 Edition reached me on 02/07/2018 as it was a weekend prior to that. I love the fact that every product inside is intertwined with a theme which the brand alters every month in order to keep each bag exclusive. Since monsoon is officially here, the bag revolves around pampering the skin and keeping the tresses frizz-free. Without me blabbering more, let’s directly begin with the unboxing of the July 2018 fab bag!

Theme of the Month: The Gotcha Covered

Price: Rs. 599/ per month

Fab Bag - The Gotcha Covered - July Fab Bag

About the Bag:
This time, we have an amazing waterproof and mood-uplifting bag which has a zip closure. Also, the bag is quite spacious from inside but it won’t take a lot of space in your college/work bag. Bags/pouches variant which you will be receiving this time will be from one of the five colours including turquoise blue, violet, green, navy blue and mustard yellow. Mine is pink in colour and I like it owing to its unique design but I had my eyes glued on the navy blue and turquoise blue variants. 😅😅 In comparison with earlier pouches from the other months, this one has a good breadth to it which makes it easier if you want to store makeup products like an eyeliner pencil or a makeup brush. 

Fab Bag Pouch for the month of July

The Process of Product Selection:
Each month, there’s this one makeup product about which we are well informed prior to everything, thanks to the product selection mails by the fab bag team. I genuinely appreciate the fact that we get to choose the colour or variant from the makeup options as the same brand/product/shade might not suit everyone. We all have different fascinations as well as choices, based on which, we get our makeup product. This time, we have numerous lip crayon shades from the brand MyGlamm. I’ve tested their products before and I did like their multi-pupose products but the price point abstain me from investing upon them. Anyways, too many choices got me spoilt and I was eyeing shades like ‘biscotti’ and ‘cosmopolitan’. Ultimately, I thought that I wanted something in pink which isn’t a nude-pink but not overtly pink with blue undertones. I finally came to a decision and chose the shade - Carnation (005). Simultaneously my mind reminded me of that dialogue from ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama 2’ wherein the lead actress was bifurcating the shades of pink! 😁

Products In My Fab Bag July 2018 Edition:

MyGlamm Perfect Curves 2 in 1 Matte Lipstick & Lipliner

MyGlamm - 005 Carnation - Swatch

⏩MYGLAMM Perfect Curves 2 in 1 Matte Lipstick & Lipliner - Carnation (Full Size: Rs. 795)
First and foremost, the packaging of the MyGlamm lip crayon is so classy with a synchronized colour combination of serene white and golden. Since I love makeup and lipsticks are my bae, for me, this is the star product of the month! The texture of this lip crayon is awesome as you can easily draw your pout due to its initial slight creamy texture but it sets matte. Unlike other matte lipsticks, you would not feel a tug at your lips while filling them in. Apart from this, the rotatory mechanism of the crayon helps in saving the product from hassle of sharpening. In short, the crayon has a comfortable texture, good longevity, convenient packaging and the beautiful colour which I picked, that is Carnation, makes it one of my recent favorites. The shade Carnation is one of those pinks which can compliment your western as well as ethnic outfits.

For the matter of fact, I applied this lipstick on the next day itself because I loved it so much! 😉

Ozori Volcanic Minerals Vitamin E Face Wash

Ozori - Volcanic Minerals Vitamin E Face Wash (Full Size: Rs. 99)
When I saw the sneak peek email by fab bag, it said a ‘volcanic minerals face wash’. I recently bought and reviewed the Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask by the Faces Shop. While reviewing it, I came across the benefits endowed with volcanic minerals and this is what kept me pumped on seeing what brand’s cleanser we’d be getting. So, Ozori is a completely new brand for me as I haven’t heard about it prior to receiving it in my fab bag. The packaging is very basic and the facial cleanser is red in colour which makes it fun to look at.

Lately, I’m seeing this rage about Vitamin C & E and several brands are coming up with skincare products like serums and cleansers which have one of these vitamins. Apart from having vitamin E, Ozori cleanser is also cruelty and paraben free. I’ve used it twice and I feel it’s one of those cleansers which cleanses your skin gently without leaving it dry; as often seen with cleansers which leave behind a squeaky clean skin.

APS Cosmetofood Whitening & Brightening Skin Diet Kit

APS Cosmetofood - 7 Step Kit

APS Cosmetofood Whitening & Brightening Skin Diet Kit (Full Size: Rs. 250)
Last month in my fab bag, I received the exfoliating olive scrub from the brand APS. This time, we have a complete 7 step facial kit which contains steps including cleansing, masking and serum. It is a onetime kit but I have high expectations out of it as the product from the last month managed to impress me. Moreover, APS Cosmetofood products are completely vegan and they are endowed with only certified organic ingredients. It’s definitely a good skincare diet wherein you rejuvenate the skin without the use of chemicals. I’ve reserved this kit exclusively for a weekend when I’d sit down to do an elaborate skincare. 😉

Aaryanveda Hair Serum

Aaryanveda Hair Serum - Pump Dispenser

Aaryanveda Hair Serum (Full Size: Rs. 90)
For a second, I assumed it’s a sample bottle of the Streax walnut serum as it has the same golden packaging, although the pump is completely white in this case. Aaryanveda is again a new brand for me and it’s a great pick for the monsoon season as I’ve often seen my hair go frizzy like a grizzly bear. However, since I have straight and thin hair, I avoid applying a serum as it sometimes softens my hair a little too much and weighing down of the tresses is another concern of mine. This walnut-enriched serum claims to polish and smooth the hair, leaving it soft and silky. The fragrance of this serum is hard to explain but it gives off faint citrusy and heavier notes of sweet chocolate, identical to Mcaffeine’s chocolate face mask. 

Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream - Gold

Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream Gold (Rs. 58 for 30 grams)
Fem is a well acquainted brand in the Indian market. I’ve used their bleach, particularly for removing the tan from my hands and feet as I don’t use bleach on my face. However, this is the first time when I’d be trying out their hair removal cream. I’m glad that this one is from their anti-darkening range. 

HipHop Cleansing Charcoal Nose Strip

HipHop Cleansing Charcoal Nose Strips (Rs. 30 for 1 strip)
This is a onetime use sample which I would love to try but unfortunately I have a nose piercing which makes it hard to experiment with nose strips. Anyways, I’d try it on someone else in order to see how it works out. Nose strips are a great way of getting rid of black heads, white heads and other gunk of the pores. 

Total Worth of the Product: INR 1,322
Total Savings: Approximately INR 723

And that’s about it for today!
What if your favourite product in this month’s Fab Bag? 

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  3. Nice pics as always Bhawna 🤩🤩


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