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By Bhawna D. - May 23, 2018


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Side Story - I intentionally changed the font of this blog post; reason as such is nothing but I decided to break-free from the monotonous font type. But unfortunately, the font decided to bug me later on so I ended up with the same comforting font. 

In today's blog post, I will be sharing with you all my recent haul from the store of Miniso. For people who haven't encountered a Miniso outlet as of yet, Miniso is a well known Japanese brand which brings to you a lot of quirky and cute stuff which is reasonably priced and none of your money will go wasted, trust me! They have an amazing collection of utility products from the genre of beauty, kitchenware, stationery, electronics, accessories, etc. Moreover, the prices of these products start from INR 150 and the maximum, I believe, is around INR 1000, that too for PU bags. 


Recently, I happen to discover another Miniso Delhi store which was mere 2 metro stations away from where I live. And the best part is that this store is just below the metro station. The 2nd one have only been recently introduced but it never fails to intrigue me. So without more delay, let's see what products I picked from my visit to the store.  

Also, if you happen to live in Delhi NCR region, particularly East Delhi or Noida, then make sure to head over to Miniso Mall of India, Noida. They also have a store below the Akshardham Metro Station.

Multi-Functional Cosmetic & Jewellery Organizer:

The store has numerous organizational products and I was quite overwhelmed as I’m a legit hoarder; especially when it comes to skincare, makeup, lipsticks and boxes. You name it and it's there within my stock! The organizer variant that I picked retails for INR 150 and there are others as well but at a higher price point. Since I have tons of lip colours, this one appealed to me the most. I might land-up at the miniso store again to pick more of these. Even my mother like these and was happy at this purchase. 

You can store 9 lipsticks within this organizer set and on the vanity table it gives a really classy vibes. Probably four or five of these would get me sorted. They also had those plastic-transparent drawer types of organizers too but that wasn’t what I was hunting for. Lastly, if you are assuming that you will order these over amazon then let me tell you that the prices there will be around 500 bucks and you can never be sure about their quality. The quality of miniso organizing tools is tremendously good! 


Eyeshade – Relieve Fatigue:

Some purchases are based on impulse but then you realize – “Damn. This is such an amazing product! Why did I not pick more of these”! I was hovering in the lanes of Miniso and when I saw these eyeshade, it struck me that my sister wanted one of these. I assumed these to be normal eyeshade which mere stops the emission of light to hit your eyes while you sleep. But thankfully, this one has a gel-like pack inside which can be taken out to achieve hot or cold therapy. I don’t think I’d ever think about applying hot water pack near my eyes but apparently that’s what the packaging says. 

I let the pack chill around in the refrigerator for some time and when I apply this after a day from work, it works like a miracle! I burn off my eyes in front of the laptop and mobile device screens all day long and majority of the time, my eye muscles are hurting. Last time when I visited an eye-specialist, he did mention about my weak eye-muscles. So after all the screen-time, I pamper my eyes via miniso eyeshade and it soothes down the red veins that start appearing on my eye balls. This effective product is priced at INR 150.


Manual Massager:

I’m yet to give this massager a thorough try but apparently it has metal like rolling balls which help out in massaging the required area. My intention was to use this around my neck and shoulders region because I tend to develop cervical pain owing to my sitting 9 to 6 job. There’s a special slot provided wherein you can insert your hand and then put it to use for massaging; otherwise gripping it would be a hassle. See the image given below for a better understanding. 



Neck/Travel Pillow:

The reason for getting a neck pillow was again the cervical pain. It starts developing on car seats, my uncomfortable office seat and pillows that are too humongous or too thin. There were two types of neck pillows, one with cotton-like substance inside and the one that I picked has sand like grain inside which actually helps in carving just the right space for your neck while you are resting or sleeping. The snap fastener tich button helps the pillow to not slip off from your neck. 


P.s. miniso stores also have makeup products but unfortunately you don’t get them in every other store. If you live in Delhi, then make sure to visit the Connaught Place store for some exquisite makeup collection. 

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  2. That's a nice haul..Even I bought the eyeshade..Love it..:)

  3. Such a cute haul. Need to check out it's store.

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  5. where is this shop, i heared that products are very good?


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