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Nykaa: Just Wink It Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette – Crazy In Love | Swatches & Review

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Gone are those days when eyeshadow application appeared tricky to me. Probably, I’ve now watched so many YouTube tutorials that I presume eyeshadows as crayons and my eyelids as a canvas wherein I can bring colors to life. On a usual office day, I would still think of emphasizing my crease line or the outer-v, without which my eyes appear hooded for some reason. Be it intricate smoky eye or mere single colour eyeshadow look, I just seek excuses for picking some or the other eyeshadow palette!

Today, I’d like to cater you with my take on Nykaa’s Just Wink Eyeshadow Palette “Crazy in Love’. I received this during one of the events held by Nykaa and this is one of the products that they gave to all the bloggers present there. If you’re following me on Instagram, you might know what all was in that goodie bag. So without more delays, let’s begin with the review -

Play the love game with our Nykaa Crazy in Love Eyeshadow Palette! Comprising of six flirty shades ranging from a sexy burgundy to sultry champagne, this eyeshadow palette allows you to achieve an effortless transition from day to night. The velvety, smooth formula delivers intense color pay off that lasts day in and day out. Use it WET for a stunning, dramatic effect or use it DRY for a blended, natural effect. Have faith in this palette to make you look gorgeous always!

❤Rich Pigments in a Wet & Dry Formula
❤Velvety Smooth Pearly Finish
❤Highly Blendable and Long Lasting

Net Contents: 9 gram

Price: INR 650

These palettes come in a plastic-black casing, the lid of which is transparent so that you can see all the shades that are present inside. The striking part about the packaging is the fact that the palette has a magnetic closure which makes it look and feel top notch! Unlike other palettes, this one is quite compact and perfect if you’re planning to take it out with you while travelling. Unfortunately, it lacks a mirror and the applicator which you’d find inside is the q-tip variant. These applicators are really of no use and probably a brush would have been better.  

Shades Present:
In total, there are six shades of eyeshadow present in the Nykaa Just Wink It eyeshadow-palette. The variant Crazy in Love encompasses 3 slightly matte-ish textured eyeshadows while the other 3 are those which can work well as highlighting shades. From left, the first one is a beautiful golden shade without being overtly yellow. Second colour would probably work well as a highlighter for fair to medium skin tone. The third shade I believe is a typical champagne pink which goes well with day time looks. Fourth shade is a beautiful violet and trust me not a lot of violet eyeshadows are available in Indian market with such colour intensity. Fifth is a chocolate brown which you can use for defining the outer-v of your eyeshadow look. Lastly, the sixth colour is grey which can be used to recreate “Dance Basanti”- Shraddha Kapoor’s eye look! 

For patting eyeshadow onto my eyelids, I tend to use my fingers than any sort of brush. The texture of these eyeshadows is quite soft and blending has never been an issue. Also, the colour intensifies as soon as you wet the eyeshadow. All the shades have slightly shiny finish to it. You can see small flakes of glitter inside and none of the shades are matte completely.

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is pretty good, I feel. You would not require a lot of the colour for creating the desired look. A little colour does its job well. One thing that I want to personally add, all eyeshadows generally give intensified colour pigmentation once they are dampened. There’s nothing drastically different in this case but the brand used this hack smartly for marketing this product. 

The longevity of these eyeshadow is pretty average and nothing something miraculous. I’ve seen it so many times, especially with the initial three shades that they don’t really last long and keeps on fading as the time goes by. If you’re planning to use this eyeshadow, make sure to prep the base with an eyeshadow primer otherwise the fading would definitely happen in few hours or so. 


Rating: 3.8/5 

At this price point, you should probably invest in a different palette!
There are a lot of mono and duo eyeshadows available at a good budget. Else, invest few bucks more to grab something other than this.

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Much Love ❤


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