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Palmat - A Beauty Gadget You All Should Own | Review & Demonstration

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Till some time back, approximately two years or so, makeup brushes had zero existence in my life. But my life turned upside down when I got inclined to the art of eyeshadows. Until then, my makeup game was resolved via fingertips for blending out any dollop of ordinary creams, BB creams and foundation. Eventually, I watched a lot of videos before actually trying out filling colours in to my life by painting the canvas of my eyelids. That’s also when I started to understand, what brush works for what part of the face and how many I need to own for doing a full face of makeup. After which, my hunt for inexpensive makeup brushes began and I encountered different brands, realizing that probably Amazon or Club Factory offers some amazing generic brushes which work as fabulously as you want!

I don’t even know why I went into those elaborate details but that would probably demonstrate a glimpse of my journey of understanding makeup and resulting in the birth of another makeup hoarder! So now that I own a decent number of makeup brushes, enough to double up and serve my makeup need, it’s time that I also talk about a convenient manner of cleansing the makeup brushes. If you are one of those who understand the importance of makeup and how it helps in boosting up our confidence, then you know how important it is to maintain the hygiene when it comes to makeup products or their application. Otherwise, your skin can lead to eruptions, allergies or acne. And of course, I don’t want that for you guys. Here’s the basic deal, try and wash your brushes once in a week at least. If you can do it more often, thumbs up; “you go girl”! Another idea would be to use normal or wet tissue for taking off any makeup residue that might give a ground for bacteria to breed.
What is Palmat?
Palmat is a small yet significant makeup brush cleansing tool that helps in removing the makeup build-up and harmful bacteria that would germinate. It is quite compact in size and can be used in two ways for catering maximum convenience possible. Additionally, Palmat offers –
✸3 Patented Textures for Small and Large Brushes
✸Small and Portable, Fits in any Makeup Bag
✸Made from Durable, High Grade Silicone

About Prackt by Sigma Beauty:
Sigma Beauty is one of the industry’s most-loved cult brands and it’s no secret that they’re world leaders in patented, scientifically-engineered brushes and brush care (plus, much more!), so when they saw an opportunity to reach a new market with that same technology, at an affordable price – Practk® hit the scene! We burst in with a tiny but mighty 2-in-1 tool that helps you to do your chores, so you can get back to beauty. The Palmat® can be worn on your palm or suctioned to the sink as a brush care mat. Palm + Mat = Palmat® – Get it?

Why Only Palmat?
✦Wear on palm to quickly clean brushes
✦Adjustable to fit all hand sizes; fits left or right hand
✦Secure between fingers for maximum control
✦Suctions cups hold firm through vigorous cleaning

How I Use It?
✸Soak brushes into plain water for 20-30 minutes.
✸Take out the brushes and apply few drops of a mild cleanser or shampoo onto the bristles.
✸Rotate the brush on the palmat in circular motion to create foam.
✸Wash off the foam with plain water and viola, you have your cleansed brushes ready for future!

TGL Reccomendation:
Team TGL loves palmat for its innovation, design, colour, compact and travel friendly stature! In case you are on a quest for a brush cleaner, then make sure to visit their website for tremendous quality product at an affordable price point! 

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