Cute Box March 2018 Edition - Women’s Era | Unboxing & Review

By Bhawna D. - March 15, 2018


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Is anyone out here, bitten by the bug which is commonly known as the hoarding disorder? Did I just hear a ‘yes’? Well, you’re not alone in this because you’ve got my back, girl. Be it lipsticks, makeup products, skincare, cute packaging, empty bottles or containers, nail paints, stationery and what not; I love storing them all. My mind would weave a scenario wherein I’d really need these. There are times when I would assume that a particular container will be using for some DIY project. But that hardly happens. Currently, I’m thinking about making a terrarium. They are hell expensive on websites and I ain’t going to spend that much on mere plants. If I do manage to create one, I’d probably also make a blog post dedicated exclusively on that. Today we shall be unboxing an affordable jewellery subscription box which has been available in India since few months.

So as I was saying, jewellery is bae! Be it rings, bracelets or earrings; you will find tones of them in my drawers and I have an immensely strong relationship with earrings. It sucks that you can’t really wear danglers to office. But of course, studded earrings are at your rescue. Today I shall be unboxing my Cute Box Subscription box. I’ve reviewed their boxes in past as well. Without more dilly-dallying, let’s get straight ahead for the review -

Theme of the Month:
Celebrating ‘Womanhood’ which is a feeling of gratitude for each and every woman in her entire lifetime; be it professional or personal life; in which she remains always busy with her multiple roles offered by life. Be it a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister or much more. International Woman’s Day is celebrated every year of 8th of March which commemorates the movement for women’s rights and is observed around the world to celebrate the valour of women. Cute Box salutes their continuous struggles throughout the decades for establishing PEACE, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and DEVELOPMENT.


Inside the Box:
✹1 Specially Curated Neckpiece
✹Earrings No. 1
✹Wrist Chain
✹Earrings No. 2
✹Finger Ring

The Box
Till date, I’ve got my Cute Box package inside transparent plastic box which I re-use for storing my jewellery inside. I would layer some cotton inside and keep my jewellery pieces which I don’t want going haywire in the house or acquiring rust. But this time, I noticed that all the content were kept inside a bio-degradable cardboard box which has the label of Cute B
ox printed on the top. I appreciate the little thought devoted upon the environment but I feel I miss those old plastic boxes as they can be re-used. What are your thoughts about it? 

Inside the cardboard box, every jewellery item has been properly wrapped individually. Plus, the jewellery pieces have been kept inside small net pouches. And on the top is a layer of bubble-wrapping paper which helps the content from not getting damaged. 


Specially Curated Neckpiece:
The neckpiece that I got has purple thread/woollen material instead of a conventional chain neckpiece. For the closure, one end encompasses a loop while the other has a knot which sits perfectly around the neck. The golden adornment pendant gives a completely ethnic vibes to the necklace. The pendant has an engraved image of a woman and her various facets which she demonstrates in relationships she has with people around her. Personally, to me the image speaks about a multi-tasking woman who can go bold in one instance and shy in the other. I guess it can be paired well with plain kurtis or sarees. 


Earrings No. 1 (Ethnic Pair):
The first piece of jewellery that has always lured me to add it into my vanity has to be an earring. The earring number one that I received in Cute Box March 2018 edition is silver earring with an intricate peacock design on the top and a dangling jumki as the length extends. The quality looks pretty amazing and it does not feel flimsy at all. I believe it would go amazingly well with probably indo-fusion outfits. Golden earrings don’t work well with my skin tone and I’m glad I received a silver variant. Also, I believe some of the other people received a western designs and quirky hoop earrings. Chances are that we might not be receiving the same piece of earrings. 

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Wrist Chain:
Now, this is the first time I’ve heard the terminology ‘wrist chain’. I mean we’ve have had bracelets and chains but a wrist chain would be a new concept for me. This one is so dainty that I love how it looks on the wrist. I can see myself pairing it up with formal as well as informal outfits. There are few leaf and stud charms attached and I can’t shy away from saying that I love it! Although, one drawback is that its sleekness might lead to a lot of tangles if it is not kept properly. 


Earrings No. 2:
The second pair of earrings that I got is immensely beautiful again owing to their stud quality, shine and innovative design. This type of earring have been trending lately wherein one part is a simple stud and the plug sort of the thing which goes behind the ear has a fancy design which peeks out when you put them together. That way, you can wear a single pair of earrings two-way. Again these can be paired with almost everything and anything, be it your dresses or denim and whatever you like. You should probably refer to the picture for a better understanding of how these earrings are. 


Finger Ring:
This ring was the first thing which I tried out in real and flaunted it over Instagram, as soon as I received it. The design is pretty amazing, you feel as if two rings have been intentionally stacked together to give that charming appeal. The main attraction of the ring is a studded flower in the centre. It is adjustable and you can loosen or tighten it as per the requirement. 


Cute Box Subscription Packages:
❤1 Month - Rs. 399 + Rs. 50 (shipping) = Rs. 449
❤3 Months - Rs. 1290 (instead of Rs. 1350)
❤6 Months - Rs. 2520 (instead of Rs. 2700)

PLEASE NOTE: New Tri-Monthly subscribers will receive 1 bonus gift; either jewellery or an accessory within their first month of Cute Box subscription. Whereas the half-yearly subscribers will get 2 surprise gifts in their first month of subscription.

Avail a Discount Using Coupon Code: CUTE BHAWNA

How to Place Your Orders?
👉WhatsApp Text: 9330075500
👉Instagram DM: cutebox_jewelry
Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer/ PayTM (9330075500)

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Much Love ❤

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