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What’s In My Fab Bag January 2018? | The Beauty Blowout | Unboxing & Mini Review

Hi Guys,
Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

First and foremost, I would like to wish all of you a warm & welcoming 2018. Hope this year brings out the best for you. ✨This never happened with me before but I feel so pumped up by the fact that my fab bag January 2018 reached me on the first day of this month and this year. It feels as if out of a lot, someone intentionally took out the time to cater me with a bag full of surprises! If you want to check out what I got in my fab bag December 2017, then click HERE

So this month, I incurred the opportunity to choose my makeup option out of a lot of 4 items. These options included Bella Voste Lip Crayon, Sugar Contour De Force Mini Blusher /Highlighter /Bronzer, Manna Kadar Glow Illuminator and Sugar’s Lip Crayon. Too many choices always confuse me but this time I did my computations to select one product. I had illuminators or highlighters so I skipped upon Manna Kadar Glow illuminator. Bella Voste products are definitely quite hyped and recommended by many but since sometime, I was on a hunt for a good bronzer. Thus, even though I had a huge haul of Sugar’s Vivid Lipsticks, I had to give up on the chance to grab Sugar’s Lip Crayon

But when I opened the page for picking options, I saw some combos of lip crayon and Sugar’s Blusher/ Highlighter / Bronzer. Immediately, I picked the combo which I was keen to grab. Thus, my makeup options include Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon in ‘Viola’ and their bronzer in ‘Taupe Topper’ which is meant for fair to medium skin tone. So, let’s see the complete unboxing.

Theme of the Month:
The Beauty Blowout - I was super excited because this month, I managed to have two makeup products in my fab bag. For me, that was more than enough. I did notice that the lip crayon wasn’t a full sized product but then how much can the crayon be reduced in size? At least I got to try its texture and formulation. Also, the colour offered was luring as I love nude shades for lipcolor.

The Bag:
The moment my eyes fell onto this month’s bag, I knew it is spacious then the one that I received last month. The colour I got is bronze and the bag has some textures running on to it, creating subtle checks. There’s nothing too boring or too glitzy; which is how I like my stuff.

Products Received This Month:
❤Sugar Matte As Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick 07 Viola (Rs. 625 for 2.5 grams) [SAMPLE]
❤Sugar Contour De Force Mini Bronzer 01 Taupe Topper (Full Size: Rs. 399)
❤Nirvaana Handmade Soap – Charcoal (Full Size: Rs 200)
❤Fadlor Naturalich Exotic Herbal Infusions Shampoo (Rs. 100 for 50 ml)
❤Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash (Rs. 150 for 50 ml)
❤Acnes Purifying Clarifying Face Wash (2 sachets) (Rs. 5/sachet)

Sugar Matte As Hell Lip Crayon Lipstick 07 Viola
I’m so happy to receive this! This one isn’t a full sized product but the size I got is pretty decent. The shade ‘Viola’ is a nude shade with hints of pinkish violet mixed with brown. The texture is soft and the application is easy and smooth. After few seconds, it sets into matte but there’s no stretchy feel onto the lips. It feels really comfortable onto the lips and lasts quite long. 

Sugar Contour De Force Mini Bronzer 01 Taupe Topper
There were two shades available in this mini bronzer; one was ‘Taupe Topper’ and the other being ‘Woody Wonder’. The shade ‘Taupe Topper’ is a cool toned brown with grey undertone whereas the shade ‘Woody Wonder’ is a warm brown; best suited for medium to dusky skin tone. The bronzer is pigmented and the texture is soft; although I need to apply this on my face to find out if this shade would work for me or not. 

Nirvaana Handmade Soap – Charcoal
Now, I haven’t heard the name of this brand but this soap has a simple packaging. This soap is handcrafted and has no parabens whatsoever. It contains Active Charcoal, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils with Glycerine and permitted colors. It is priced at Rs. 200 and smells heavenly. I hope it’s going to turn out hydrating for my super dry body.

Fadlor Naturalich Exotic Herbal Infusions Shampoo
I found this brand over Instagram and one of the subscription box did give out a sample from this brand. Some co-bloggers have also reviewed their products over social media but personally I’m yet to try them out. I checked the ingredient list and it says in the end base Q.S. which always makes me feel that the ingredient list isn’t completely disclosed as you don’t get to know what this is made up of. This sample would probably last me two times as I have short hair.

Vedantika Herbals Rose Sandal Face Wash
It’s not like I’m not acquainted with this brand; but this will be the first time I’d be trying it out. I have one more sample from this brand and it is their ubtan which I got in some other subscription box. This Rose Sandal face wash has a beautiful fragrance and it reminds me of Khadi’s Rose Body Wash that I had finished up some time back. I was in a need of some facial cleanser as the current one was going to die out. I’d probably be using this one now.

Acnes Purifying Clarifying Face Wash 
I don’t really like samples, especially sachet ones. I feel no point in using them; or most probably they’d end up lying in some corner of my house. I do have acne prone skin so the word ‘Acnes’ does lure me. Although currently my skin is showing dryness but I’m sure these will serve me well for summers. In case I end up liking these, I’d dig up more about this brand and product. 

What is your favourite product in this month’s Fab Bag?

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Much Love ❤


  1. Sugar Makeup is star product here.

  2. Two Sugar products in a Fab Bag is simply awesome. Truly its beauty blowout!

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