#SLAP: Super Light American Popcorn by Kadak Snacks | Price & Review

By Bhawna D. - January 17, 2018

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We all love popcorn and the incredible part of it is that they are regarded as much healthier than our potato chips. The reason being; firstly potatoes have carbohydrates in them. Secondly, the wafers are fried from potato slices and then they miraculously turn into chips. When it comes to popcorn, I like them classic salted or with innovative flavours added; whatever variant they are, they simply taste amazing! TMI but I love corn also. πŸ˜„

When I heard about #SLAP which stands for Super Light American Popcorn, the first thing that struck me was an innovative name. These popcorns are sold by Kadak Snacks which gives off a Desi Vibe! The packaging of these popcorns is quirky and innovative; if you’ve loved superheroes then these will remind you of some golden days. Also, the team of #SLAP was also present on the recent Comic Con event that happened in Delhi.

Why Pick #SLAP?
πŸ‘‰Gluten Free
πŸ‘‰High in Fiber
πŸ‘‰100% Vegetarian
πŸ‘‰No MSG
πŸ‘‰No Trans Fat
πŸ‘‰No Preservatives
πŸ‘‰No Artificial Colours

KADAK Flavour:
When I left behind my self-restraint early in the morning, the Cheese Popcorn packaging was cut open and the aroma was simply exotic! I could sniff cheese even before taking a bite into these exotic popcorns. The first morsel was enough to sway me with excitement. Popcorn is coated beautifully in Kadak Flavouring. I have had some other brand’s popcorn too but their flavouring is comparatively very subtle. I’m glad this one does justice to their flavours. This is what the website of Kadak Snacks says about their flavours – “We as Indians love flavour; the more the better! We know this and have vowed to not disappoint any of our customers in providing a full sensory experience while eating popcorn. Key to the #SLAP experience is the intensity of our flavours, which we have maximised and this is why every pack of popcorn that we make comes with the Kadak Flavouring promise”.

#SLAP that I Received:
❤Spicy Popcorn
❤Cheese Popcorn
❤Peri Pop Corn
❤Butter Popcorn
❤Chocolate Popcorn
❤Chilli Storm
❤Sour Cream
❤Peri Fire

Best of American Kernels Used:
I’ve always had one complaint while eating popcorn; their kernels would get between the gaps of my teeth. Again TMI buy hey, it does happens to almost all of us, right? πŸ˜„ Years ago, when I got my braces, the doctors had to extract four of my teeth to create space. Now after I’ve got my braces removed, very slight gap still exists. So each time I’d eat popcorn, it would find its place into the excavated region. Also, some popcorn have had kernel which make the popcorn eating experience bitter. I love #SLAP popcorns! While eating these, I faced no such issues. In fact, Kadak Snack claims to employ only the best of American popcorn Kernels. 

Game of Prices:
American kernel; Kadak Flavour and Awesome Packaging! ❤❤❤❤❤
I’ve seen some wafers selling at as expensive rates as INR 300 and that’s just for a usual pack. Thankfully, #SLAP comes at such an affordable and economic price point that I’d simply call it “A Paisa Wasool Snack”! The small 15 gram packaging is only for Rs. 5 while the 40 grams packet retails for Rs. 20 only. The Chocolate Popcorn which is categorized as Gourmet Popcorn and comes in a rustic tin packaging; retails for Rs. 100.

Repurchase or Recommended?
Team TGL definitely recommend these! Wherever or whichever store you find these in; grab them ASAP!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Much Love ❤

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  2. The way you clicked pictures 😍

  3. haha..I love the packaging :D :D



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