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By Bhawna D. - December 11, 2017

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So yesterday, I went on an engagement of one of my cousin. And tomorrow it’s going to be a hectic day because it’s her wedding. For some reason, I prefer to get dressed for such occasions at my place itself rather than at the bride’s house. Because bride’s houses are usually so chaotic that you can definitely not get ready with 10 people wandering around you and looking at your makeup items. Honestly, I prefer not-so-crowded places.

Anyways, with that one day in between for rest, I decided to sit down and write some blog posts. I also crave for clicking some product pictures but my work goes smoothly when I have content curated beforehand. Or else, I’d end up taking three batches of picture and still crib upon if they look good or not!

Some time back I did a post on Skincare Villa’s Coffee Mud Mask and today I shall unravel my views of their Green Tea & Mint Cleanser. Now, I’ve used their products before and different cleansers as well. And I must confess the fact that I loved them! My love with them was like a little girl’s childhood crush which preoccupies her heart for almost all her life until another crush crops up! 😅 Weird analogies! In my case, that new crush also happened to be another product of Skincare Villa. I got Oats Almond Cleanser and I loved it! Now I have Green Tea & Mint one and my eyes have been blinded to other things. Such is my love for this one. With such a long intro, let’s begin with the review –

About Skincare Villa Shop:
Skincare Villa Shop is a brand which has been established by one of the Skincare Enthusiasts and Blogger - Sonali Patil. All her products are 100% Natural and freshly prepared in small batches. There are no preservatives incorporated within her products and thus what you apply onto your skin is sheer goodness! Also, her face masks and facial cleansers are mostly powdered base and you can easily customize them as per your skin’s need. If there’s anything you want exclusive as per your skin’s concern, you can ask Sonali and she also customizes products according to your liking. Lastly, she also has her own Blog wherein she shares amazing skincare tips, DIYs and reviews.  

Ingredients: Oats, Almonds, Organic Green Tea & Mint Powder

Price: INR 250 for 50 grams

Directions for Usage:
Take a small amount of the cleanser and add water to make a smooth paste. Gradually massage you face in circular motions and wash off with cold water.


Skincare Villa Green Tea & Mint Cleanser comes is a plastic jar with a rotate open lid. The packaging is pretty much simple and travel friendly. Since there isn’t any liquid content inside, there won’t be a trouble of leaking jar while travelling. The lid also has the brand’s logo onto it and you used to get a printed information pamphlet earlier but now they also have printed details stuck onto the packaging itself.

A Little About the Ingredients:

Oats – Oats are known for their amazing potency of working as a cleanser and an exfoliator. It also helps in sufficing your skin’s need of moisturization. It makes your skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy and radiant. If you have an oily skin, oats will take care of your skin’s tendency of producing excess sebum by providing natural moisturization.

Almonds – Almonds help in nourishing your skin and it also battles away the damages sun endows on us via UV rays.

Organic Green Tea – Green Tea helps in detoxifying your skin, healing post acne scars as well as for subsiding inflammation. Green tea helps lightening the complexion naturally and makes the skin look healthy.

Mint Powder – Mint has been blessed with salicylic acid which helps in case of acne. It also works to calm down any sorts of inflammation onto the skin. 

My Experience:

I love this cleanser, especially for mornings when there’s no makeup on. This cleanser has slight texture due to almond and you can use this for everyday exfoliation. It makes my skin naturally glowing and soft to touch. Also, I saw how it made my skin look fresh without depriving the natural moisturizers. For application, I take out some of the powdered cleanser and mix it with few drops of water. Then I massage the same onto my damp skin for a minute or so. Now what it does is cleanse the skin and at the same time caters subtle exfoliation as I mentioned before. There is no greasiness left after washing off. This cleanser wouldn’t really take off all your makeup but of course you can use your favourite makeup remover solution before washing off your face. Even the foamy ones won’t really take off every waterproof makeup so I don’t think this aspect would bug you much.

Overall, I’m a big fan of such natural cleansers and I would definitely repurchase this. There’s only one factor which I felt needs improvising. Some of the almond particles were quite big and not milled properly. Every time I’d use the cleanser, I would find some big chunks and I’d remove it because I get one or two bumps every other day and I don’t want them to be irritated.

Rating – 4.2/5

That’s all what I’ve got for you guys today..
If you have any suggestions or review demands; comment down below 😊

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  2. Even I love such natural cleansers..and too in morning without makeup..Love the product.. :) :)

  3. Nice and detailed review. I used this cleanser and liked it very much. And I too just like you, don't like to get ready at the bride's place as it will be so crowded :D

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