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By Bhawna D. - December 04, 2017

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There’s nothing revolutionary if I’d suggest - drink lots of water and liquids each day to sustain a healthy body and life. For that matter, I have to remind this to myself each day because a lot of the people in my family wake up with a fill of glass full of water. But I feel nauseated; a lot of the times I wake up hungry and water over empty stomach is just not my thing. 

There have been scientific evidences that water helps in flushing away the toxins of our body and for circulation of body temperature. Also, it is a good source of keeping the skin hydrated internally. With so many benefits of water that we already know, having water frequently in a day is the last thing that would preoccupy our mind. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many Instagram posts on Infused Water that I felt the need to try some it myself. Initially, my reaction was like “Why waste fruits and veggies by adding it into the water? Instead eat them because a lot of the fruits too are a good source of water intake; for instance Cucumbers, Watermelon, etc”.

If I revisit my memory lane; I was in grade 4 and there was this neighbour plus classmate of mine who once used his lunch box’s Armenian Cucumber or Kakadi and placed them safely into his water bottle. To that, he claimed it as nutritious while I assumed he has hit a crazy hour. I guess it is very much important to reveal that his mother was a chemistry teacher. Now that I think of it, he was definitely a genius!

So why infused Water? Infused Water is also known as Detox Water. For creating infused water, all you need are some fruits or veggies or herbs. The idea is to keep these immersed into water and add on some nutrients from the veggies/fruits to make the water more beneficial and power-house of nutrients. I must put it out in advance, water in its pristine form is a power-packed resource itself; and you do not need to get this fancy. But the idea of curating infused water is to tempt ourselves for drinking more water and replacing other sugar based or acidic drinks

Easy Infused Water Combinations:

❤Cucumber & Mint
❤Strawberry & Mint
❤Lemon & Cucumber
❤Apple & Cinnamon
❤Ginger & Mango

(There are other recipes too but I refrained from incorporating more than two ingredients because three ingredients might turn things into a hassle. But still if you want to try, you can go for more ingredients like – Green Tea + Mint + Lemon, Cucumber + Strawberry + Kiwi, Cucumber + Lemon + Lime & Lime + Orange + Lemon)

Introducing InstaCuppa:

Why Choose Between Taste & Nutritional Value? Why Not to Have Both? Here’s How..

Some scientists say we are what we drink. So what would we like to be? A harmful, preservative filled soft drink or a soothing, healthy and delicious beverage. Hi, my name is Saran and I’m from a small town in South India. The traditional Indian diet is filled with healthy, mouth-watering vegetables, herbs and fruits but unfortunately, the hectic modern lifestyle and cheap junk food prices have taken a toll on our health.

More Liquid Calories; More Problems!

I am the living testament of this deterioration in diet. After graduating college, I was lucky enough to land a well-paid job at Software Company. However, then long hours and constant stress made me consume incredible amounts of soft drinks, energy drinks and coffee! Unfortunately, I started to gain weight and saw health deteriorate. That was the turning point in my life. I decided to cut back on sugar and liquid calories and the results were amazing! I felt stronger, healthier and more focused than ever!

InstaCuppa Was Born!

My dream was to help everyone make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus-boosting recipes anywhere with zero hassle! That’s why I scoured the nation to find the best manufacturers and materials. Although they were already a few good products, they were all made in the USA and the cost of shipping and importing was too high! All InstaCuppa products are manufactured exclusively for us with great attention to detail and are imported to India. We try to minimize the use of plastic and go for healthy alternatives, like bamboo or glass. Our goal is to offer you the most ergonomic, 100% BPA-free, lightweight and durable accessories that will help you enjoy your healthy recipes anywhere, boost your stamina and turbo-change your well being!

InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Bottle – Classic & Polar Edition

InstaCuppa offers two variants of their Infuser Bottles. I love these especially for summers wherein keeping ourselves hydrated is so crucial due to excessive sweating. The best part is, there’s no wrong or right way of using these pitchers to curate your own detox water with whatever veggies or fruits are lying in your pantry. These are available on Amazon at some great discounts too! If you’re wondering how it can be put to use; each product from InstaCuppa comes with a QR code which can be scanned via mobile devices for getting an access to their e-books. The Polar Edition bottle comes with an Ice Ball Attachment which keeps your drink cold.

Bonus Factors:

❤TRITAN Copolyster Material
❤Full Length Infuser Rod
❤1000 ml
❤Highly Durable and Impact Resistant
❤Leak Proof
❤Custom Anti Sweat Sleeve
❤Convenient Carrying Handle
❤Food Grade Plastic
❤Dishwasher Safe
❤Eco Friendly – 100%
❤BPA free

For More Information, click HERE!

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  2. So do you mean Instacuppa is your product? wow this sounds really amazing. Will definitely check this on AMAzon


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