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By Bhawna D. - November 12, 2017

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Are you one of those who love experimenting with nail lacquers? Then this post is meant exclusively for you! I can’t go all fancy and create nail art because I don’t really have that much patience to paint in a narrow space. I’ve always loved short nails with single nail paint shade because that’s what my lazy self can do atmost. Since almost all nail paints last for 2-4 days maximum, I choose not to splurge onto expensive ones like Nykaa which retails for approximately 200 bucks. Instead I like my Color Express & Nail Juice ones which are like Rs. 20 and Rs. 60 respectively. My motto remains “If you can find affordable options with same longevity, then why not?” If you walk the life with same logo as mine, then comment down below #whynot.

So last week, I picked 5 different shades of Color Express nail paints from my local weekly market. I got an amazing deal of 5 colours at 100 rupees! But I'd be swatching 4 only because I couldn't find the fifth one. ๐Ÿ˜‚ And considering the value for money factor, I picked the shades which I’ve seen online and wanted to try since a long time. One of the shades is in matte formulation while others are in evergreen shiny formula. There were a lot of vibrant colours there but because I’ve not tried them before, I wanted to make sure that this deal does not end up in regret and thus I did not pick more than five colours. There was a variety of colour families like nudes, vibrant bolds, pastels, etc.

So without more delay, let’s begin with some swatches and my experience with these nail-lacquers.

All these nail paints come in a really cute packaging which definitely looks good and not at all cheap. The cap has metallic silver coating and the applicator works amazingly well. At such price range, I’ve seen Street Wear nail polish applicators with uneven hair on the brush. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. One thing which is a little turn off is that these nail paints lack shade number or name. So I cannot go ahead and tell you that, this is the shade I bought. But this isn’t the case in their matte formulation; therein the packaging does state the shade number at least.

My Experience:
I don’t think it’s merely me who has come across nail lacquers which are affordable and has some quirky shades and yet when you end up applying them, they take decades to dry up completely. And this is one thing I cannot bear within my nail paints. I like them to dry soon because I can’t keep my hands still for long. This is also the reason why I’ve woken up with bed sheet imprints onto my nails. In fact, I’m such a helpless case that when it comes to nail polish application, I literally have to consider bathing as my rescue for removing excess nail paints which gets onto the skin near the nails. I shouldn’t disclose this but in my graduation, one guy happened to notice my nail paint and he was like “Bhawna, your nails are a mess”. And to this I wanted to bark “To this, you should worry - less”! I’ve seen hacks on YouTube wherein people choose to apply some fevicol and after application they remove it for some neater nails. But one question – “Who has got that much time, madam?”

Now what I love about Color Express nail paints is that they have humongous colour range plus you get different genres of them like metallic’s, glossy, shimmery or matte. Not to forget the fact that they are quite inexpensive. They take around 2 to 5 minutes for drying up, depending upon how thick layer you’ve applied. The only drawback being absence of the shade names. So, in case you end up finding these at your local cosmetics store, then hesitate not to pick these up. These last for around 2-3 days. I usually do not household chores so it lasted three days on my nails but the colour intensity faded a little on day two. On third day you would start seeing slight chipping of the nail polish but I remember even Sugar Cosmetics one lasted for the same time frame. Hence, there’s definitely no reason as to why you shouldn’t splurge into these!


( Refer the Nail Polish here, not the product )

Rating – 4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

That’s it for today’s post!

Is there any affordable makeup brand/product that you feel still remains under-hyped?
Let me know your suggestions in comments section, down below!

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  1. #WhyNot get something affordable if it does the same job as those flashy and expensive ones ;)

  2. Oh! You have such beautiful nails, Bhawna <3 Loved the blue and pink shades :) Loved the review.

  3. Beautiful nails..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜..what!

    .Rs. 20 and 60 only...I need them.ASAP in my life...loved them.sooo much dear...

  4. I love the clicks. Especially the car ones :P


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