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By Bhawna D. - November 28, 2017

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Big Fat Wedding is an Indian concept, inspired from the bollywood cinema of the 1990s. But even in the contemporary times, wedding remains to be an event wherein we dream of celebrations at a colossal level. But it takes a lot of planning, synchronization and hassle to make it a memorable day. Often, we encounter situations wherein changes have to be made at the last minute. And this also adds onto more chaos. What if I tell you there’s a website or application that resolves your wedding related issues within no time? 

Being a bride, your mind is full of mixed thoughts. Oxymoron would be the right word to describe the state of emotions a bride goes through before and during her wedding. Filled with happiness for a new life, uncertainty of what is yet to come and hopes of finding the right match; a bride has to curtail those feelings and look her best on the wedding day. And to look her best, we have Makeup Artists at our rescue! Makeup is an art and even though there are numerous makeup trends running out there, makeup has to be kept in sync with face structure, skin type, outfit and what not. 

Sometimes, due to lack of information available and to save time; we ditch researching about a right makeup artist and the makeup department for the big day is handed over to a nearby parlour lady who might not be certified. Some of them also happen to use cheap makeup products which wouldn’t give the best possible results. Guilty of the same? Then this post is dedicated exclusively for you! 

About WedMeGood:

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!
WedMeGood is a team of powerpuff humans, that link their professional expertise to their personal love for weddings. We work at weddings, from weddings, for weddings. So sit back, log on to WedMeGood, and feed all your whims and fancies!

What All Work is Undertaken by WedMeGood?

▶Wedding Venues
▶Wedding Photographers
▶Bridal Makeup
▶Family Makeup
▶Bridal Wear
▶Groom Wear
▶Wedding Decorators
▶Wedding Planner
▶Wedding Cards
▶Wedding Videography
▶Bridal Mehendi
▶Wedding Cakes
▶Wedding Jewellery
▶Wedding Catering
▶Trousseau Packers
▶Sangeet Choreographers
▶Wedding Accessories
▶Wedding Favors

Booking Bridal Makeup Artists of Delhi:

👉Log onto the website of WedMeGood.
👉Then you have to Select the Vendor Type as Bridal Makeup.
👉You also have the option to Select City wherein you have to click on Delhi NCR.
👉Fourth step is to click on Get Started.

Now, you will get a whole list of bridal makeup artists in Delhi from where you can review, shortlist and then book makeup artist of your choice. You can narrow down your research based on Locality, Price per Event, Travels to Venue, Airbrush and Rating. You can click on any makeup artist whose rating and locality intrigues you. You’d be given their contact details on the site itself and their charges. What I love the most about this website is that it endows you with some good quality Portfolio of these Makeup Artists and the works that they’d delivered. This way, chances are that you cannot be fooled in any manner. There are also few comments stated by people who have tried that particular makeup artist. If you’ve got your makeup done by any of the mentioned makeup artists, you can clearly state what would be that aspect in their work which you would like to recommend to others. 

As I mentioned before, WedMeGood have an application as well, for easy accessibilities. This application is available for Android devices as well as IOS Users i.e. iPhones.

Lastly, this website also has two cool sections which I literally hovered nonstop for an hour! You can Browse Real Weddings on WedMeGood. Here, you can view pictures from real people’s wedding and note down what makeup artist they booked or whose dress are the bride and groom wearing. You can also view the location that was catered by none but WedMeGood team. The website also has a section dedicated to Blogs. I guess lately for reading purposes, I’ve ditched my novels for blogs. You can grab ideas on Honeymoon Destination, Lehengas, Themes for Wedding and Decor

That’s it for today! 😊

Have you ever suffered at the hands of a local makeup artist on someone’s wedding day?
Because I definitely did on my sister’s wedding. And unfortunately, that day can never come back..

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  1. What a lovely, crisp and an informative post, Bhawna <3 Thank God, I had no issues as such related to wedding but yeah, you never know what happens next!

  2. How I wish I knew this at the time of my wedding :P :P


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