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Introducing – HAIROOTZ for Healthy Hair Eva by Dr. Reddy’s

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Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
Now who doesn’t want a luscious crown of tresses? Even if you’re a guy reading this, you too get worried about hair fall. But don’t worry; none of us are alone in this. With rise in stress, pollution and degradation of water quality; we all have began to encounter majority of hair problems. Early greying, hair shedding, dandruff and what not! Rigorously rubbing nails isn’t a successful solution for everyone as well. 

Since long, I’ve been eyeing for one perfect answer to all my hair troubles. When I was in school, my hair strands were fine and thin but there wasn’t much problem concerning volume in hair. But now as I’ve completed my post graduation, my thinning hair have started to lose their grace within the ponytail. I know the fault also lies within the genes and environmental factor yet I never stopped trying something new that claimed to stop hair fall. In my hunt, I did notice that people who eat fish tend …

Find the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi ft. WedMeGood

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
Big Fat Wedding is an Indian concept, inspired from the bollywood cinema of the 1990s. But even in the contemporary times, wedding remains to be an event wherein we dream of celebrations at a colossal level. But it takes a lot of planning, synchronization and hassle to make it a memorable day. Often, we encounter situations wherein changes have to be made at the last minute. And this also adds onto more chaos. What if I tell you there’s a website or application that resolves your wedding related issues within no time? 
Being a bride, your mind is full of mixed thoughts. Oxymoron would be the right word to describe the state of emotions a bride goes through before and during her wedding. Filled with happiness for a new life, uncertainty of what is yet to come and hopes of finding the right match; a bride has to curtail those feelings and look her best on the wedding day. And to look her best, we have Makeup Artists at our rescue! Makeup is an… - Buy or Sell Your Car at the Best Market Price

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When on road; my father and I keep our hearts onto the rim of our sleeves. Almost every car that passes by, we check it out like a guy stares at a good looking chic! Even though we develop crushes possibly on every new launched car, things are pretty tough when you actually decide to own one.
First and foremost is the need to do a thorough research for splurging on a long term investment, i.e. Car. It might be available in different places but the price point would always vary. Not merely is it a matter of good price, but you also got to make sure that the accessories coming along with that car are exactly what you’d need. is a great help for people who are undergoing the research phase. At, you can narrow down your research based on Make or Body Style. Over here you can avail offers on New Cars, Used Cars and Certified Cars (And also on Trucks if that's what you're looking for). Thankfully, you can also find Dealership ne…

Winter Skincare Routine Using Biotique - Ayurveda Goodness

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
As soon as the cold current hits Delhi, I replace my matte products with some hydrating ones. Not only am I talking about my lipsticks but also my skincare range because this skin falls into the combination category. That is why; it takes a completely U-turn and starts to go flaky with the advent of winters. Unfortunately, there’s no weather that would bring a halt to my acne. If I’m not wrong I have tried one of the Biotique face wash too during my trip but that was a sample size bottle which was offered by the hotel staff. Recently, I did spot Biotique soaps on Instagram as well.
For me personally, Biotique is a long acquainted brand. When I was in second year of graduation, I had tried gazillion of products to treat my severe acne. Also the marks which were left after that attack; took ages to fade away. Some of them are still there as marks of glory but yeah much of it isn’t that visible until you scrutinize and observe. During that pha…

New Launch - BB Stroke Nail Enamel by Jaquline USA (NewU)

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Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
I love Bloggers Meet up; especially for the fact that you get to be a part of new launches and devote time for a real conversation with some of the co-bloggers which have remained your virtual friends for so many years!! I kid you not because this literally happened in my case twice within this week because of few back-to-back events. Therein, I met Amy, Ms Meehnia&Prachi; whom I’ve only been seeing (till then) on Social Media and their respective websites. It was a steal opportunity, I must confess! Make sure to check out their website/YouTube as well for some exciting posts. 
The team of NewU was kind enough to send me an invite for one of their brands Jaquline USA because they were launching BB Stroke Nail Enamel launch. In case you guys don’t know, NewU counters offer you a heaven of Skincare, Cosmetics and Accessories. They are literally my bae when I want to pick some makeup items. Also, they also have …

*New Launch* - Cover Changing Handbags from Lino Perros!

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Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨

Being a woman, we all are multitasking almost every day of our lives. This is also the reason why, even my makeup does a lot of multitasking for me on days when I’m running late for college. Bronzer on eyelids, lipstick as a blush and probably mascara wand for setting the stray eyebrow hair and what not! But can our accessories, especially a handbag, double up to suit our formal and informal outfits? You’d say “Definitely not”. I’d say “Have you heard about the newly launched Cover Changing Bags from Lino Perros”? Stay hooked because we’ve got some innovative launches in India covered for you. 😉

Lino Perros has launched some uber chic bags that you can flaunt on different occasions and for this, you don’t need two different bags but one would do. With their ‘Cover Changing Bags’, you get an extra removable cover that takes merely a minute to remove or attach. Such a concept is definitely revolutionary in Indian …