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By Bhawna D. - October 30, 2017

Hi Guys,

I know I am a little late to upload my views on sheet masks by The Face Shop but “never late than ever”. But still, to diffuse your curiosity I gotta accept I was busy enjoying other face masks and Innisfree has been my bae for sheet masks. To me, both are merely Korean brands and the thing with sheet masks is it focuses more on hydration and not other aspects which probably the Korean ladies hardly face; like acne or tanning. Thus, sheet masks are something which is used by me to give that special pampering session to none other but my own self!

On one of my trips to Logix Mall in Noida, I located an open store of Nykaa. Yes, the same place where we also have Inatur Herbals store. I was aware that Nykaa is gonna open there soon but since two months that shop was under progress. Seeing the store finally open, I went ahead to explore what all I could detect there. The thing with online shopping for makeup is, you can go wrong with shades plus not so worthy delivery charges! I did want to click some pictures of the place for you guys but unfortunately their team indirectly declined that. But anyways, I got myself two sheet masks from there; one of which couldn’t be shielded by my excitement and I used it before I could click pictures of it for reviewing purposes.

Anyways, today’s post might be a little short since we don’t have a jar of face mask wherein I can accumulate multiple experiences of the same product and let you be told about the same. So without much delay, let’s begin with the review –

The Face Shop – Real Nature Red Ginseng Face Mask

I guess the reason as to why I picked this is because few days back I saw a YouTube video by the amazing Shreya Jain wherein she talked about this sheet mask in particular. And somehow her explanation of ‘Ginseng’ was stuck within my mind. Within her video she explained that red ginseng is nothing but Korean turmeric and this is the reason why this sheet mask has yellow colour within it.

Description: The mask sheet is drenched in serum with revitalizing Ginseng provides skin with a boost of energy and vitality. (Drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum / Formula without added parabens

Directions (as stated on the packaging) : -
▶Wash face and apply toner.
▶Pull out mask and carefully place on face.
▶Remove after 10-15 minutes and pat face lightly to absorb remaining essence into the skin.

How I Use Sheet Masks:
👉Before applying my sheet masks or for that matter any skincare product, I make sure to wash my hands and face well.
👉I don’t use a toner as stated within the packaging because sometimes what happen is one thing might not work in synchronized mode together. I’ve have had got little bumps sometimes because of that. Thus, I keep short time frame between each step of my skincare regime.
👉To my damp skin, I place perfectly the sheet mask and let it hydrate my skin & do its magic. Please remember, not to wait for the mask to completely go dry.
👉After a time frame of say 10 minutes or so, take off the mask and rub the excess serum left within the mask against your skin. I tend to squeeze out the goodness and massage it into my skin. 

Price: INR 100

Buy Online: You can order yours from Nykaa by clicking HERE; sometimes they also have offers like buy set of 7 and get 7 free! 

My Experience: 
In past, I have had used Innisfree masks and I would resort to sheet masks only once in a while as un-moisturized skin was never my skin concern. Instead, excess sebum is one of the things that I tend to avoid with my skincare. But of course, hydration is needed for every skin type, be it dry or oily. What I love about sheet masks is their moisture content is just so appropriate that it seeps into the skin pretty well and because of serums added within sheet masks, it doesn’t turn my skin into an oil mine. If you ask me, I don’t see any long term benefit of using a sheet mask; some of you might say moisture equals to reduced signs of ageing. I get that jazz but why only one thing is catered when I can go use some facial oils which would probably even help in pigmentation and could also help calm my acne. For instance my LOA Miracle oil is one of those things which I use at the night time and it does a lot of hard work to serve multipurpose aims. (Just my opinion)

The Red Ginseng Sheet mask comes in a grey packaging which looks really classy. Or possibly, I have some inclination for colours like grey and olive! 😅 It can be torn off easily for taking out the sheet mask; no scissors needed. The sheet mask has a yellow tinge to it and you can see the serum oozing out. Yellow tint to the sheet mask is possibly because Red Ginseng is nothing fancy but turmeric found within Korea. The fragrance of this mask is somewhat like a vegetable; in short it’s weird and I’m not a fan of it for sure! Also, the fragrance isn’t mild at all. You’d be able to sniff it while lying down until it’s time to take off the sheet mask.

While the mask was on, because of its dampness, it leaves the skin feeling slight cooling sensation. Unlike some sheet masks which have a plastic film place between each folds of the sheet mask, this one doesn’t have that film. So, it took me a little time to open up the sheet mask. It stuck well to my face and some of the serum was still dripping around the chin area. The serum of this mask is slightly sticky; probably this wasn’t the case with other mask by The Face Shop. I kept it roughly for 15 minutes and then took it off. Once the mask was off, I tend to run the sheet mask against my skin for extracting and employing the leftover serum within the mask. Within the end, I also squeeze it out of the mask and massage the same onto my face. And only then do I throw away the sheet mask; once utilized in an optimum manner. 

About its after effects, I could see my face looking all fresh and radiant. If you’ve had a rough or tiring day, you can put it to a closure with such sheet masks. The serum within the mask makes the skin look really soft and glowing but because this one had a yellow tinge, it left that colour a little. So, I had to wash off the excess serum. I just feel probably its yellowness did nothing great and had it not been there, my skin would have got not a temporary paleness. 😅 Don’t worry, it can be washed off with water.

Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Much Love ❤

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