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By Bhawna D. - October 17, 2017

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Face wash are in abundance within the Indian market. So why would you wanna give upon your long acquainted facial cleanser? Let me give you that one reason – chances are that your cleanser is loaded with a lot of chemicals. Also, it probably is detergent based and this is indeed the reason why it leaves your skin struggling with no moisture left; feeling like Sahara Desert. Today, I shall be reviewing an all natural face wash which is handmade and if you have normal to oily skin type, you’d definitely like it. Let’s begin!

Suitable for Type of Skin: Combination to Oily

Contains: Tomato Pulp, Strawberry Pulp, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rosewood

Functions: Unclogs Pores; tomatoes contain high amounts of antioxidants that help in adding collagen to the skin and prevent skin from sagging.

Directions for use: Wet face, apply 1 gm cleanser (peanut size) & massage all over face and rinse with water.

Usage Frequency: Daily

Why Aroma Essentials’ Tomato Face Wash?
💗Uses finest natural ingredients
💗Artificial fragrance free
💗Chemical free
💗Dermatologically tested
💗Not tested on Animals

Price: INR 224

Quantity: 60 ml

Please Note: This face wash has a shelf life of 6 months since it is an all natural product with no chemical preservative induced.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic transparent bottle through which you can easily view the amount of content that’s left inside and the amazingly red colour of the tomato face wash. It has a white coloured plastic flip-open lid which makes things convenient while application. Also, there’s a plastic lid underneath which you ought to remove once this product reaches you. This is probably for protecting the content from spilling via lid due to any mishappenings.

Consistency/ Formulation:
This face wash isn’t liquidy like usual face washes. It is more of a gel variant but a softer gel if that can be a term. It spreads easily onto the face but it doesn’t lather. So possibly, it has no traces of SLS which is a good thing for the long term usage on the skin.

How I like to Apply:
Now, we’ve been used to those foamy facial cleansers which lather and leave the skin squeaky clean; in some cases dry possibly. But as we’re entering the colder months, you don’t products wanna leave your skin deprived of its natural moistures. So, I take a coin sized amount of aroma essentials face wash onto my hand and massage it onto the wet face. I don’t wash it off immediately but instead take a minute to cleanse off any dirt or grime onto the face. After I feel the cleanser has reached every possible corners of my face, I wash it off. The great part is, mere 2-3 splashes of water is all you need for getting this cleanser off your face.

Does it leave behind a Red Tint?
The tint residue is seen only within natural products with turmeric in it. This tomato face wash leaves no colour behind.

Does it cleanse the Face well?

Does it remove the traces of Makeup?
Powdered makeup gets off using this but not every makeup can be removed using this, especially the waterproof one. So make sure to use your makeup remover first. 

My Experience:
I keep on changing my facial cleansers, although there’s one I return back to when I’m bombarded with acne; i.e. AHA Glow Face Wash. And I also keep slots for different face washes as per their cleansing nature. Now, Aroma Essentials’ Tomato Face Wash is one such product which I love to use within my morning skincare routine. Ask me why? We all know how chemically loaded product may endow us with immediate brightening effects and what not. But within the longer run, it runs the risk of harming our skin. Say for instance, I have a little terrace garden at my place and without any chemically loaded soil, the taste of all vegetables planted by my mother is completely different (in a good manner) than those we get at the grocery store. The reason being inclusion of pesticides. Even for hair care, shampoos & serums with parabens and silicones would give that smooth shining finish, but are they good for usage on everyday basis? Of course not!

Aroma Essentials Tomato Face wash is of gel consistency and there’s no lather produced via this when you rub it between your palms. On application, it gives a cooling sensation which might be because of sandalwood; although I was wondering if it has menthol or peppermint oil to it. But apparent that’s not the case. The cooling sensation feels quite good on the morning skin and thus psychologically evades that feeling of not having a cleansed skin due to lack of lather. I like to massage it for a minute and in this process I do see my skin radiating healthy glow. Once the cleanser is washed off with water, the skin is left with natural moisturization and is quite soft to touch.

The fragrance of this face wash is soothingly sweet and some uplifting notes of sandalwood can be detected too. In case you guys aren’t aware, products by Aroma Essentials are freshly handmade & they are non-comedogenic. If you have an acne prone skin, then this cleanser is an amazing pick for you. Apparently, I got no new bumps with this or any kind of skin irritation. The best part is – post wash, there’s neither an oily feel nor a stretchy feel to the skin.

❤100% Natural Product with no Chemical
❤All products under this brand are freshly Handmade
❤Non – Comedogenic
❤No new acne caused
❤Leaves the skin radiant & glowing
❤No SLS or Parabens
❤No artificial fragrance

👉Probably the price as it’s more than twice of what it should be for the quantity provided


Would I like to repurchase it?
I would, for sure. 😊

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