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The Face Shop - Red Ginseng Face Mask | Sheet Masks | Available in India

Hi Guys,
I know I am a little late to upload my views on sheet masks by The Face Shop but “never late than ever”. But still, to diffuse your curiosity I gotta accept I was busy enjoying other face masks and Innisfree has been my bae for sheet masks. To me, both are merely Korean brands and the thing with sheet masks is it focuses more on hydration and not other aspects which probably the Korean ladies hardly face; like acne or tanning. Thus, sheet masks are something which is used by me to give that special pampering session to none other but my own self!
On one of my trips to Logix Mall in Noida, I located an open store of Nykaa. Yes, the same place where we also have Inatur Herbalsstore. I was aware that Nykaa is gonna open there soon but since two months that shop was under progress. Seeing the store finally open, I went ahead to explore what all I could detect there. The thing with online shopping for makeup is, you can go wrong with shades plus not so worthy delivery charges! I di…

Goodbye Hair Woes with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil!

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
Few posts back, I did talk about my hair concerns. Apparently, it’s not just me who wants a boost to enhance the hair quality. People around me, I’ve seen them complaining too. And even though I am now facing a lot of hair fall, I’ve even seen my younger cousin facing the same issue at his graduation level. With rise in pollution, all sorts of adulteration & improper diets; we all have lost our luscious hair. If you still believe in ‘Perfect Hair’, you’re living in an unrealistic world. With hard water everywhere, even your good soaps or shampoos might not cater the best possible. The only option left? Hydration, Healing & Health being imparted to the hair strands..

Sometime back, I got my hands onto Satthwa’s Premium Hair oil. I’m kidding you not guys, but I’ve heard quite good reviews about this oil. Almost every blogger swears by it & thus I was super excited to try and review it for you guys. So without more delays, let’s be…

Hair Care with Inatur Herbals Tahitian Monoi Oil Nutri Repair – Shampoo + Conditioner

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Glistening Lane ✨
We all love our hair, don't we? If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d probably know that I recently got my hair cropped up. The reason you’d ask; it’s because of heavy hair fall since monsoon. I know monsoon is responsible for taking toll onto the hair but then it was too overwhelming for me to not worry about my tresses. And as those quirky advertisements tell “I tried this shampoo & that product and yet nothing worked for me”! Ironically, instead of finding some miraculous products, I came across legit bummer ones which claimed to work as a shield against hair fall but instead caused hell lot more hair fall than I already had. In short, worst experience ever!

This is why, I began my research on brands that are devoid of chemicals and do show some results. I mean if not like a complete transition catered to my hair, at least stoppage of hairfall would do. Before going further, let me pause to describe you my hair type and major …

Reviewing: Nyassa's Best for Her | Luxurious Gift Box | Price, Buy Online & Contents

Hi Guys 😊

Wondering what to gift her this year on her birthday? Well, I’ve got you sorted.. Roses, Chocolates & Jewelry are passé and enough years have been spent onto those. It’s time to think out of the box & possibly mean that you did enough preparations beforehand rather than getting a bouquet ready at the last minute. So without further adieu, let’s begin with today’s post! 
(P.s. In case you’re seeking gifting option for Him; click HERE)

Best of Nyassa for Her: An elegant & luxurious gift box perfectly put together for her. These handmade soap bars are enriched with skin loving ingredients suited to delicate skin. This hand-crafted luxury contains Nyassa’s most loved fragrances by women; Green Apple, Lily of the Valley, Temple Mogra and Berry Berry Soaps.
Price: INR 899
Buy Online: To place an order for pampering yourself or someone dear, click HERE

Contents: ▶Berry Berry Soap ▶Temple Mogra Soap ▶Lily of the Valley Soap ▶Green Apple Soap
All these soaps are 75 grams each …