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By Bhawna D. - September 13, 2017

Hi Guys,

If you’ve been born within an Indian household, chances are that you might have come across triphala powder; commonly known as triphala churan. Be it tiranga or triphala, both of them begin with the word ‘tri’ which means three. 'Phala' is a hindi term which means fruit. The constituents of triphala is constructed using three ingredients; namely – Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Baheda (Terminalia bellirica) and Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula). The ancient sciences of Ayurveda have always propagated the use of triphala for sustaining and keeping the digestion system upgraded and to enhance the immunity system of the human body.

Benefits Attained via Triphala:
👉Helps in detoxification of the body
👉Improving immunity system
👉Aids in weight loss
👉Purification of the blood
👉Enables hair growth at faster pace
👉Keeps the skin blemish free
👉Works like a miracle when suffering from constipation
👉Improves eyesight & strengthens weak muscles of your eyes.

How to Use:
▶At the night time, before you hit the bed for your beauty sleep, scoop out ½ to 1 teaspoon of triphala powder into a glass of water.
▶Mix well and make sure that all lumps have been dissolved.
▶Cover the content with a lid and leave it to soak overnight.
▶The next morning, sieve out the glass of triphala plus water composition into another. This would make sure that the grains of triphala have been removed and it is purely a triphala water solution.
▶Before using it, remember to wear an old tee which you might not worry about ruining as triphala water would stain your clothes.
▶Use a glass and put its rim onto your under eye area and let the glass be tilted slowly so that with each tilt the triphala solution drenches your eye.
▶Ideally, once the water gets into the eye, remove the glass for some time and while closing the eyes, rotate them in 360 degree.
▶Repeat the process with each eye. Each time, some of the water might fall onto the ground.

Please Note:

Since staining is an issue, make sure to do this at your terrace floor or balcony area so that the stains won’t mar the beauty of your tiles/floor.

Ideally Use When?

It would give maximum results when you wash your eyes with triphala at the dawn time. Make sure to use it immediately on waking up. Do not keep it soaked for around 12 or more hours. 

Beneficial For?

You must be wondering why triphala eyewash? Washing eyes with triphala and even consuming it helps in keeping the eye muscles stronger. Also people with myopia, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and tired eyes can gain benefits by using this.

My Personal Experience:
Few months back, when I was within my last semester of post graduation, I would fail to see what was clearly written on the white board. You’d say that’s pretty much normal and perhaps I’ve increased my optical number. The issue was, I couldn’t concentrate and look at an object, say beyond some close distance. With blogging work, came the need to tirelessly scribble content over laptop. But with fear of becoming legit blind, I stopped typing content. Instead I would write it on paper and ask my team member to type it for me. And without complaints, he pretty much edited my errors as well. Then came those days when I had to submit my college level dissertation & I freaked out because mobile light would hurt my eyes. So much so that I would keep my phone constantly on read mode. In fact, one day my father asked me to drive the car and I was scared because we were at highway and not that I couldn’t see but far off things which usually others were able to see; I failed to view them. Each day, my eyes would have those red veins visible but somehow I managed to complete that college level dissertation. When my father told me about this manner of keeping the eyesight somewhat stable, considering nothing at loss, I tried it. Each time I’d wash my eyes, they’d instantly soothe the pain. Once done with washing the eyes, I could see things much sharper. And do you know what I would consider while seeing my eyes failing me – probably I’ve edited pictures so much, enhances their sharpness & colour to such an extent that my eyes, having more than 400+ pixels, have lost their capability to focus.

I religiously washed my eyes each morning and could see it helping my muscles. I by no means suggest this as an ultimate solution for your eye-care because no remedial work can do what the doctors can. Make sure to visit the doctors and have their consultations but use this merely as an additional support. It can only rectify minor issues and muscles problem to a limited scope. After I’ve got my check up done, I got myself anti-glare specs and I was told that my eye muscles have weakend. After getting a big number for specs, not a lot of exercises work. But you can of course add in little measure like using a pen’s tip and staring at it. Also, incorporate an eye-drop within your daily routine based on your doctor’s recommendation. Thankfully, triphala eye wash helped me to at least begin to see screens of gadgets without squinting and hurting my eye balls.

Today’s post was kinda small but I hope it was beneficial :)

In case you try this, do let me know how it worked for you. In case this appears a hassle for you, the least you can do is wash your eyes with cold water at least twice a day!

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Much Love ❤

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  1. I used to make a mixture in water and drink it. It is also very helpful for skin. Quite an informative post 😊

  2. Very useful and informative article dear... thx for sharing..:-)
    Beauty and fashion

  3. This is really informative :)
    Thanks for sharing it hon :D

  4. Ohhh wow never knew that we can use it for eyes. Hope you are doing well now. Take care!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I too get eye pain lot of times. So I will try this. Very informative post :)

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