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Fab India: Body Polish – Revitalizing & Toning – Coffee Neroli | Review, Price & Buy Online

Hi Guys 😊
You must be wondering that we bloggers are technically obsessed with spending our bucks and grabbing each day one or two products to revamp our vanity. Well, that’s definitely not the case. With this Body Polish here, I legit fell for it twice and yet didn’t buy it. I pretty much get attracted to every next product but I only buy it once I weave a need for it within my mind. Sounds familiar, anyone? 😜  Some time back, I had used SkinYoga’s Coffee Scrub & since then, I’ve been looking out for another. To be honest, that one was simply out of my budget and only because I received it within my Fab Bag that I could give it a try. Since then, I’ve used many but none worked to soothe my super dry and flaky hands. As much as my face is oily, my hands on the other hand are really dry.
I guess I’m blabbering a lot today and let me not make this intro super long. 😅 What got my attention you may ask; C-O-F-F-E-E I say! So let’s begin with the review -

Description: Made with sugar, …

Greenberry Organics: Daily Detox Charcoal Gel Mask | Review, Price & Buy Online

Hi guys 😊

So, few days back I reviewed, for you all, the Greenberry Organics Daily Detox Face wash which was launched by the brand quite recently. Soon after, they also introduced a gel face mask in the same range. Now, you all know how charcoal masks have swarmed the International market lately & since then the YouTube industry plus a lot of bloggers have gone obsessed with charcoal masks and their DIYs. I’ve tried Inatur’s Charcoal Mask but therein the only problem that emerged was the failure to remove the mask once it has gone dry. It would somehow get into slight scars that I have; thanks to the battle of acne which was fought more than 2 years back & thus they remain defeated! The remnants of charcoal mask wouldn’t even budge after I’d rub the towel post wash. And unfortunately, it gave that ashy look which we all DON’T DESIRE for! Since then, I’ve kept charcoal masks into various corners of my house.

You’d probably wonder, why am I reviewing the GBO Daily Detox Charcoal…

Day Out at Haristo Cafe - Specializes in Wood Fired Pizza

Hi Guys,
Some days back, I took off from the blogging work & decided to do something which can probably make for another blog post.  But not like those I usually post about. Consistently doing product reviews got me bored, so today I'm sharing with you guys my experience to Haristo Cafe wherein I've had some amazing time! Without further adieu, let's begin. 😊

P.s. Food Imagery Ahead Alert! 😆
Speciality: Wood Fired Pizzas that Melt Your Appetite Away!
Discount: Get 15% off from their official website; click HERE.  Or Sign up at Zomato to avail 20% off on your first order!

Story Behind Haristo Cafe: They say you can’t make everyone Happy, you are not a Pizza. Yes, the Pizza Saga has always been popular in our culture. But, every Pizza lover knows how hard it is to find an Authentic Thin Crust pizza in NCR. The same search led to the birth of Haristo in December 2014. HARISTO is a charming Pizzeria Cum Cafe that offers an exquisite range of Italian and Lebanese Cuisines from the…

Using Triphala for Your Precious Eyes | How to Use

Hi Guys,
If you’ve been born within an Indian household, chances are that you might have come across triphala powder; commonly known as triphala churan. Be it tiranga or triphala, both of them begin with the word ‘tri’ which means three. 'Phala' is a hindi term which means fruit. The constituents of triphala is constructed using three ingredients; namely – Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Baheda (Terminalia bellirica) and Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula). The ancient sciences of Ayurveda have always propagated the use of triphala for sustaining and keeping the digestion system upgraded and to enhance the immunity system of the human body.

Benefits Attained via Triphala: 👉Helps in detoxification of the body 👉Improving immunity system 👉Aids in weight loss 👉Purification of the blood 👉Enables hair growth at faster pace 👉Keeps the skin blemish free 👉Works like a miracle when suffering from constipation 👉Improves eyesight & strengthens weak muscles of your eyes.

How to Use: ▶At the night ti…